Second Line On Hpt

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jenner - April 2

okay i tested about 12dpo and got a light pink second line in the middle of the day. then i tested two days later and the line was lighter but still there(in the middle of the day also) i noitced my urine being a little darker with the second test also. has anyone ever had this happen? and what were the results i'm still not due for af for about 4 days.


corinne - April 2

Take a test in the morning with your first pee.


snickelfritz - April 3

Ok. I realize that what I am about to say can be taken different ways depending on the tone. Since I can't express my tone in text written online, please let me preface my comment by saying that this is absolutely not said in a rude way. That being said, I'm really not sure what your question is. If you got two positives, then you're pregnant. Has anyone ever had this happen? Yes. Pregnant people. Congratulations! Oh, and if you're worried because your period isn't "late" yet, I got my first BFP with DS a full SEVEN days before my period was due.


mg - April 3

Sounds like you got your BFP!


Emma2 - April 3

I have to agree with snickelfritz.


Amber #2 - April 3

Sounds like you are pregnant girl, it's just light because AF is not due yet and so you don't have a lot of HCG in your urine! Quit worrying and start enoying! Good luck to you and Congratulations!


jenner - April 4

snickelfritz thanks and i know that your not being rude :( i'm just soo worried as I miscarried in august and this time about 7dpo symptoms were stronger then they are now and I just don't feel pregnant like I did last time!!! I hope everything is fine just a nervous!!!


inflatedheart - April 4

Usually, there is very little of the hormone in your urine until your expected missed period. The best time to do it is the day you expect your period and in the morning (because there is more of the hormone in the morning as compared to other times of the day).


jenner - April 4

oh and it was just weird that it was darker two days before then lighter but i guess it was just the time of day and the difference in my urine


LN030905 - April 4

Hey Jenner! Perhaps your urine was jsut more diluted on the second day...maybe you just drank something that made your urine look darker..this sounds weird, but when I drink apple juice my urine looks darker than any other juice!! loL!But like everyone else, I say Congrats, girly!! God Bless!


LN030905 - April 4

only a woman ttc would notice the color of her!!!


jenner - April 4

inflatedheart also i feel like i could get af but then not like not full af cramps just here and there i hope it's not coming i'm just crazy i can't help it though i'm scared and don't want to think if I am or was pregnant did i lose it already ....can't get that out of my head but trying to think positive


Lin - April 4

Congratulations!!! Jenner, even tests from the same manufacturer can vary in sensitivity, so a lighter test doesn't necessarily mean you'll miscarry. Test again in a week, and I bet you'll be jumping for joy. Best of luck to you! Have a happy 9 months!


inflatedheart - April 5

jenner-- Cramps can be caused by implantation, when the bundle of cells or fetus is imbedding itself in your uterine lining. Sometimes, you even have implantation spotting (it'll look LOTS different from your normal period; no clots redish pink to brown).


inflatedheart - April 5

Also, the color or darkness of your urine has nothing to do with the levels of hormone, even though lots of water can make it pretty thin. But the time between your expected period date and now may affect how much of the hormone is in your urine. I say, test on the day of your expected period. Good luck!


snickelfritz - April 5

I think she was referring to the darkness of the LINE, not the darkness of her URINE. lol


snickelfritz - April 5

Oh... and often the darkness of a line depends more on the amount of dye in the test than on the amount of hcg in the urine. I've never gotten really dark lines... ever. I've had one successful and two (possibly 3) unsuccessful pg's.



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