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Kathy - July 15

Been TTC for 3 months. I think I O'd on 7/13, so I'm trying to wait until around 7/27 to even think about testing. Hopefully AF will not show before then. My cycle isn't completely regular, so I hope I charted O correctly! I'm trying to be calmer than during my last cycle when every little thing made me think I was pg. It didn't help that I missed an AF for no good reason! So I just want to relax, not assume anything and see if AF comes along. (Easier said than done, right?) Hopefully I won't skip an AF again unless it's for the right reason. Baby dust to all who want it!!


Cheryl - July 16

This is our second time trying, (we got pregnant in Feb but m/c in April) and this is our second month trying again. On the 18th will be our second wedding anniversary and if we were to get pregnant this month the baby would be due on the day that we had the m/c. So I just know that this will be our month.But I also came up with reason why last month would be our month and if we don't get pregnant this month I'm sure I'll come up with reason why next month will be our month. Last month AF came 10 days late and I had got me hopes up only to get BFN after BFN then AF. So this month I'm with you. Just relax, not get myself worked up and wait. Hopefully we both will get BFP this month. 12 days until testing and the count down begins.


Kishia - July 16

Hey this is my 2nd month trying since my m/c in May. I O'd between the 10-12 so af should be here between 24-27. Hopefully she will not show up. GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!


Cheryl - July 16

Kishia ~ How far along were you when you m/c? I was 10.5 weeks but the baby stoped developing at 6.4 weeks. I had a missed m/c. I had a dream last night that I m/c again. I have never dreamed about not even right after it happened. I wonder what that means? Trying not to get myself worked up this month. Just relax and if I'm pregnant I'm pregnant. I'm past ovualtion now so there isn't nothing I can do about it now anyways. Take care and lots of baby dust.


Whitney - July 16

I'm so sorry about your m/c experiences. Cheryl--I bet your dream is because you're hoping you're pg, but afraid it will happen again. Baby dust to you both and hang in there.


Cheryl - July 16

Whitney ~ I wonder if you are right. The truth is I'm scared to death that it will happen again and I don't think I'm strong enough to go through through that again. I pray every night that I'll be granted a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully my prays will come true.


Kishia - July 16

I was about about 7 weeks. I had a blighted ovum. The only thing that developed was the ges sac and the yolk sac.


KimberlyM - July 16

Hi everyone, I thought I would join you. I O'd on CD9, very early. I am now 6 DPO and expecting AF around 7/28 but, hoping the hag stays away. I am charting my temps and they have stayed up since O but, I still have a ways to go. Baby dust to all of us


Beautiful - July 16

I missed an AF in May for NO REASON as well!!! Right now I'm about maybe 3 days late (I have a 28-30 cycle) I was due on the 13th, tested the text day, and got a bfn. My last cycle started on the 16th, and ended on the 20th....pretty normal for me. So i'm trying to relax and if AF doesn't show within another week I'll test again. Keep ya posted, wish me luck!!!! ~Lots of BABY DUST~


Anne - July 16

I think this is the thread for me. You all sound just like me : ) I had m/c in feb. at 9 weeks, but had a missed m/c, after development stopped at about 6 weeks. I o'd on 7/13 and am hoping af will not show up around the 30th. Last night I had a dream that I was pg. Never, never had that dream before. Last two months were really messed up for me as far as af & not sure if I o'd or not. 6/6, af showed up 6 days late, after 2 bfn's. Then arrived again 23 days later!!! Before that, I was always right at 28 days, even after m/c. I did move during June, so I think the irregular cycles were due to stress. I am trying to relax this month, but easier said than done. A friend did lend me her fertility monitor that's easier for me than the opk sticks alone. That makes me feel a little better and more "in control." Now I just have to wait.....Baby Dust!!!


Cheryl - July 17

When I had my m/c I felt so alone. I didn't know anyone who had one before. Since I've been on these message boards I've found it to be a great sense of support to know that others have had the same experinces as me. It's kinda bizzare that we bond through great sadness. The one positive thing about having a m/c is we now know how much we are going to love our child and we know that it is a blessing to have a healthy baby.


Kathy - July 18

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I hope no one is having anymore bad dreams--only good ones! I want to believe I started feeling symptoms, but honestly I think it's just PMS. I wish the best to all of you!


Cheryl - July 18

I just though I would say hi to everyone. I really think this is our month. I don't physical feel pregnant, I mean I don't have any pregnancy signs yet, but I just know in my heart that this is the month. I've never been so happy in such a long time. (I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment. ) Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary 2 years married and 8 years together. I can't stop thinking about am I or am I not pregnant. I just want to know so bad. I don't know if I can wait until the 27th. Good luck to everyone with the waiting game.


Anne - July 18

Me Too!!!! I have been in such a good mood for a week now. I'm with you in the waiting business. I'm on cd 20. I'm trying not to think about it, but it's so hard. Let me know when you're going to test. Since I've had bfn's for the past few months, I think I will wait to see if af is late. Congrats on your anniversary tomorrow. Kathy, what's going on with you...what kind of symptoms? (holding my breath....are these the same ones I've been having?)Are you sure it's not too early for PMS?


nell - July 18

I really hate waiting but I must aghh! lol AF due the 27th also... no real signs other then sleepiness but that could be the heat. Here in Vegas it is friggin HOT!


Cheryl - July 18

I'm on CD17. Since off birth control pills my cycles were about 23 to 25 days apart. But last month my cycle was 33 days. I'm not sure why that was. We really thought pregnancy but then AF came, and boy was it bad. The worst AF ever! I just kept telling myself that hopefully it would be my last AF for nine months. I think I'm going to test either Saturday or Sunday. I don't think I can wait any longer.


Kathy - July 18

I'm just feeling kind of bloated amd b___sts are starting to get tender. I'm also nauseated, but that might just be because it's so hot and humid where I am... Last time my PMS symptoms were REALLY early, so I'm not convinced I'm having any real pg signs. My AF isn't always regular either, so not sure when to expect it, I'm just guessing based on when I think I O'd.



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