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Flower0505 - March 8

Okay , well I'm 26 ...thinking i may be pregnant. Back in Dec'07, I didn't start my period until 38 days past ovulation..(prior to this i was pretty much 28 days) ...which bought me up to Jan26.08...that cycle wasn't a normal period, but it wasn't very light, to what "they" consider implantation bleeding, which only lasted 2 days. I have not had a period since then, and am currently on cycle day 44...still no period. I have similar symptoms to early pregnancy, but then again that could relate to PMS. I have tender br___ts, tingly at times...va___al discharge...mild cramping, i've had some really weird vivid dreams lately, tired, very emotional and have been getting sick. I've been under some stress lately, so that could also cause the late cycle. Any suggestions...I would appreciate any input whatsoever. Should i wait it out, or just test...I tested about 6 weeks ago, and (-), i never tested a second time, it all just slipped my mind, shortly after that was when i started getting some mild symptoms, mainly the late mestruation back in January.


mjvdec01 - March 9

If I were you I would definitely test again. Get a First Response and test with first morning urine. If it is negative then I would get an appointment to get checked out. If it is positive then you need an OB as soon as possible. The OB would want to confirm the pregnancy if this would be your first and get you started on prenatal vitamins, most OB's do a first ultrasound at about 8 weeks. If you get a positive and are not 8 weeks yet, I would hold off on the ultrasound until you are. A lot of time the heartbeat isn't visible before 8 weeks and if you get your ultrasound earlier and you don't see it you will worry yourself for probably no reason... who needs that stress. Good luck to you. Are you trying to conceive?


Flower0505 - March 9

Thank you for your advice. Currently no, we're not trying to conceive, but if it turns out that we are pregnant, of course we would embrace it. It sure would be a nice surprise :)



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