Serious Cramping And Orange Red Blood

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krissy2006 - June 4

Ok ladies, so I gotst a question. Anyone ever had orange blood before? Any idea what could cause this? today is CD1 for me and usually my blood is dark/bright red but it is orangish-red... really weird... any ideas? Or am I turning into an orange and instead of menstruating I'm squeezing orangte juice?


staci - June 4

LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL! That is to funny! Krissy i would have random AF's that would look like a rust color. I figured i was literally getting old or something lol! I never knew what caused it though? Just thought i'd let you know you're not alone!


krissy2006 - June 4

Hey Staci, thanks for letting me know I am not alone. However mine isn't rust colored. It is literally orange. Like if you take an orange crayon and rub it on toilet paper... thats what it looks like, only wet... ? LOL aw, well, my body has had enough of me and has decided to turn itself into a fruit. WHATEVER! LOL I guess I can handle that.


staci - June 4

so do you think that it might be just really old blood? that's what i figured mine was, but sometimes it would be that color my whole period. Orange is very weird though! Is AF on time, early, a little late? Hmmmmmmmmm?


krissy2006 - June 4

It is right on the dot on time. I generally have 12-13 days luteal phases and 12 days and bam on the 13th day (today) I got it. I am sooo regular its ridiculous. I dont know what is up... my cramps have subsided and so has the heavy orange flow... I just went potty and NOW it is the rust color you are talking about and very scant? WTF?!?!?!? LOL


staci - June 4

Well shoot! i have no idea what could cause this. I never did think to mention it to my dr. while i was seeing him when we were ttc. But this happend atleast 5 times. Well, keep an eye on it (i'm sure it's hard not to!) and let us know what happens with this.


frozenfeet - June 4

Krissy - I've read that if you are bleeding more slowly then typical, the blood can under go changes in color, like, start out red but take a while to get down to your pad but not long enough to turn brown and therefore, can be an orangish color. If you notice the doctor... ;) LOL!


Harriet - June 5

LMAO, Sarah you are a riot!


frozenfeet - June 5

come on Krissy - not even a chuckle! LOL :)


staci - June 5

chuckling here! to funny!


krissy2006 - June 5

Sorry!!! For some reason I totally took that seriously... why??????????? I dunno... hormones... blame it all on hormones.... But when I realized my misinterpretation I did indeed chuckle... :) I'll let you know if I find any pulp sarah... X PROMISE X



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