Serious Post I M Trying Not To Worry

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ceecee_fields - October 6

This morning I began having light brown discharge. I was worried that something was wrong (as I am claiming that I am pregnant). Later in the evening, I saw pink spotting only when I wiped (not enough to get on the panty liner), and then it turned a little brighter red. I am not having cramps; I am still experiencing pregnancy symptoms (bbs still sore, etc); and I still feel pregnant. I am just worried something is wrong. I wasn't going to test again until next week. What should I do? Anyone had this happen to them or know someone it has happened to, and every thing turn out fine with pregnancy?


jennifer_33106 - October 6

Have you gotten a positive pregnancy test? If yo have it may just be implantation bleeding. How far are you?


kay101 - October 6

Is it safe to a__sume you took a pregnancy test and it came out positive? How far along are you? I believe 20-30% of women have some type of bleeding in early pregnancy. Is the blood bright red like it's new, or like a rusty red like it's old? If you have had s_x or a doctor appointment recently, anything touching your cervix can cause it to bleed because it is extremely sensitive during pregnancy. You should do light bedrest until the bleeding stops. Try to sit around on the couch as much as possible and relax.


jennifer_33106 - October 6

Kay, sounds pretty accurate to me % wise. I know I had some early pregnancy bleeding de to a over sensitive cervix.


GimmeaBub - October 7

Hey hunny, I hope everything is ok, I know how you feel, i got my BFP, then today i was having very very very mild lil pinches in my abdomen but i am ok once i get up and start waking, I am fine now,and my bfp's are getting darker, but i am like you i worry too, cause i had a miscarriage 5 months ago, I think if i get heavy bleeding i will know like last time, i keep checking the tp everytime i go toilet and so far no blood. Justkeep taking your prentatals and if it gets heavier go to your dr. Goodluck Babe


jennifer_33106 - October 7

haha Gimmeabub, you will be checking the TP well into your 2nd tri and in the 3rd as well. I am so sorry about your loss though. and the pinches are normal too just so you know. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was having AF type cramps and was sure I was starting my period.


katt31 - October 7

ceecee i dont know if this helps but i bled so much in the beginning of my last pregnancy, like a regular flow from a normal cycle, i swore i was going to lose the baby i was at doctor almost everyday, but baby was fine everytime, it stopped at about eight weeks! Try not to wrry check with your doc, and get plenty of REST!


keerthy - October 7

hey ceecee... hope everything is ok with you! Dont worry i am sure u r a preggo.... take a lot of rest.. bed rest is better! do keep us updated gurl !!!!



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