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ADT - March 28

Okay, this is probably not the place to be asking this question, but since this is a site revolving around s_x (trying to get pregnant :-) and its mostly ladies I thought I would ask any ways. I really could use the advice. Here goes: Im 26 years old and my s_x life is in a rut. My husband and I just got married less than a year and I want to try and have a baby, but he says if we are having slumps in my libido now, what will another child do? (I have a 5 year old now) I love my husband dearly. I just am not in the mood. The only thing that puts me in the mood is if I think about trying for a baby. Yes I know how sad is that, and I am really not in the mood, just wanting something that I know I have to do to get it. Does that make sense? Do any of you ladies have any advice on how to boost my s_x drive back up? Im young, healthy, it shouldn't be like that. PLEASE HELP


Leah - March 28

There are a lot of issues with low s_x drives. Could be a symptom of depression, or it could just be a boredom thing. Try to "do it the way you like" If you initiate something you'll really enjoy then you are much more apt to want to do it again.


Daisy Jean - March 29

Ok, ADT, this is what I do to give myself a little jumpstart. I purposely think s_xy thoughts and then a few minutes before bed, I go into the bathroom and touch myself, just a little, to et warmed up. It works because I'm rarin' to go and he naturally takes the credit for getting me so hot. I also think reading s_xy romance novels (okay trashy novels) gets my mind on s_x. It sould even inspire some great role-playing games. Good luck, you s_xy thing!!!


Lynn - March 29

I know what you mean..... I have the same thing. My husband is always in the mood and I am never..... He will usually give me a back rub and that does help. But it takes a long time for me to get wound up... so to speak. Hubby bought a video and watching that does help too. I have had bad expiriences when I was younger and I think that has to do with my problem. It is not that I hate to have s_x, it feels like I get blocked somehow.... Like I don't want to please anyone else but myself. It is strange how the mind works.


louise - March 29

try spicing up your s_x life. put some things in it that would make it more exciting for you so you can enjoy the act of s_x morethan just the thought of creating a baby. s_x toys are usually a hit but if your not into excessive battery buying i could suggest other things too. try different places, dangerous places if your one who is up for trying new things. if not, you cuold try things like using random items from the feezer//fridge to tease and plase with. icecream and youghart are always a hit, the coldness of the product and the warmth of the tounge is very exciting. i duno, try and make it more about the s_x and the interaction between your twos bodies than just creating a new life



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