Sex On Dec 10th Anyone Else Got Any Pg Symptoms

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Jolene - December 19

I slept with bf on Dec 10th, and he only put on the condom at the end. I'm having very strange symptoms and wonder if anyone else is in the same situation. AF not due until 1st Jan so the cramps I'm getting are too early to be related to that - am also feeling nauseous. Wonder if it could be my mind playing tricks on me as I WANT to be pg. Can't remember pg symptoms this early on from first baby. Any advice/comments appreciated !


kat - December 19

i had these symptoms,6 days after poss conception aswell,i still dont know as test shows neg but thinking its still to early to tell,if i am i would only be just over 3 weeks,i had i light 3 day period which is unusual for me,im starting to worry that my mind is playing tricks on me too! i guess we both have to just wait,good luck!


jolene - December 19

Thanks for your reply Kat. I'm due on 1st Jan, so have ages to wait b4 testing...... I'm glad I'm not the only one with these symptoms - fingers crossed for both of us!


kim - December 20

My husband and I have been trying all month and started about the 10th. I am due for af on the 4th.. I have had cramps,gas and just feel kind of out of it. Good luck to both if you. Let me know if you are pregnant. There is a group of us expecting af about the same time and it would be fun to all keep in touch. Here is my email adress if ya want to chat [email protected] Good Luck


lola - December 20

i'm new to this - what does af mean? my husband and i also tried as of the 10th of this month. i feel as though i may have symptoms but i don't know if it's just in my mind....although, my b___sts have been extremely swollen, more so than for my normal pms.


Christine - December 20

If you read up on it...Everywhere I read actually says that symptoms can occur from 2 days past concieving...which means it could be early first was dizzness...I wasnt trying so just thought something else was going on...that was at least two weeks before I realized I was late and took a test...Every pregnancy is different...I didnt have any symptoms with my first two least not until much later in the pregnancy's...Jan 1st is right around the corner...try to hold off until at least then...and then try..if negative and still no af wait a week and try again...good luck


Jolene - December 20

Thank you for your comments. Christine - was the dizziness kind of like nausea, becuase i keep getting that in waves (and I never feel sick - even with my first!). Patience seems to be an impossible task for a TTC woman ! I almost tested today which was ridiculous ! Yes, we should all support each other, and i'll keep looking into my thread to keep y'all updated and vice versa! Still keeping my fingers crossed for everyone J


kim - December 20

AF is you period.:0)


jb - December 20

i artifical inseminated on dec. 10 and yes i have alot of symptoms. my b___st hurt, ga__sy, bloated nausea only once. and now my belly b___ton hurts(dont know if thats a symptom) i am supposed to nget af on 28th(hope she stays far away)good luck!!!


Jolene - December 23

Still showing crampy and nausea symptoms and do see blue lines above b___sts (but not sure if these have always been there?). I am buying first response tomorrow to see as I am too impatient! How about the rest of you due for AF 28 Dec - 5 Jan ? Any news/symptoms?


Jolene - December 26

Took my test and yes it was negative.... I know it was way too early! But the strangest thing: when i was pg with my daughter just at the top of my abdomen got really big really quickly (apparently the muscles split?!) and guess what? I've got a huge upper apdomen already. Could this be pregnancy? Surely my mind couldn't create this? Bloating would be in my tummy, not just below my b___sts surely? Still feeling weird and still feeling hopeful. Any positive vibes/comments from anyone else would be appreciated. Merry Christmas !


kim - December 27

Hey Jolene, I have a bid upper tummy too.. I thought I was just tripping.. Hopefully it is pregnancy and Im just not gaining weight lol... I have been really gasy and crampy. Not due for af until Jan 4th. Would it be to soon to test?


jolene - December 27

HI Kim Hey - that sounds promising! I think if you can hold off until Jan 4th because even the tests that say to take 4 days before AF due aren't that reliable. Easier said than done - I've done a ocuple of tests and not nice when they are -ve. It is sooo difficult all this waiting. Also, do you feel like your AF is here like all the time... I do, and it just makes the whole thing so much more difficult. Why does (hopefully!) early pregnancy feel like AF is on its way - nature is unfair !


kim - December 27

Hey Jolene, I have had more cramping this month then I usually do and sooo ga__sy. Sometimes the gas pains are very painful. My b___bs have been tender on and off for the past few days but fine now. I want to take a test so bad it is killing me. My tummy feels huge I dont know what is going on..



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