Shiny Discharge

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L - March 31

Hey guys. I read a lot abut cm discharge being globby and slimy but mine is clear and shiny... n e body else?


Laura - March 31

Mine is that way too! On the tp it looks clear and shiny, but I did a finger inspection and its actually clear/white and creamy. I'm hoping to pg and the symptoms are picking up. Good luck to you.


Cynthia - March 31

I am very young but i find mine are the same too. I think i might be preg also but im not sure wut the deal is yet


L(to Laura) - April 1

Hey. I did the finger check and mine is also the way u described. I know during 'ovulation' this is similiar, however I may be pg also and the discharge is hand in hand with other symptoms. What other ones do u have?


Laura - April 1

I have normal ovulation discharge then it dries up and I'm dry before AF, but I still have this constant discharge. Last night there was an abundance (gives me so much hope). My other symptoms are tender (not sore) b___sts and nipples (I get really sore from PMS) I'm getting more of the MT bumps on my areolas, constant cramps (dull ache), tired-like flu tired, peeing more, slight nausea, bloating and on Monday I had a serious hot flash, my face was so flushed (7dpo), I heard that's a sign of implantation. There's other little ones but that can be related to PG but I don't want to rely on the little things. How about you?


L (to Laura) - April 1

Well, my periods r always 'irregular'...but when they come they realy come heavy. Last month was jus spotting. But again, cause they r irregular...I attributed that to irregularity...but then my b___sts changed, not sore at all but a lot of mt's around areola and on areola...then i noticed my nipples sticking out a lot and got very the areola is darkening as well and I can see two veins on each one...I get waves of nausea every now and then but no sickness...a lot of bloating and stomach growls and little things like that (plus the 'constant' discharge). I was planning to ttc next summer b/c I am almost finished with college( I am 24) and wanted to get into the Board of Ed first...but timing is divine so....WIll this b your first? If u are how far along do u think u would be? I have noticed this little pouching area right under my belly b___ton and its different than I have had b4...


Laura - April 1

We are almost alike! I'm 25-I finished my teaching degree last fall, but there is not much available where I am. This will be my first child. I guess I feel that I have my education and the career has stalled so this is the best time to have kids. Financially its not fantastic but is it ever? I can afford diapers so its okay, lol. I'd be 3.5 weeks almost 4 if I'm PG. My period is due between the 3-5. I'm getting harshly bloated, I really hope I'm PG. Have you taken a test yet?


L (to Laura) - April 2

Hi Laura! Well I haven't tested yet either...and we are def. on the same boat. I am studying to be a high-school guidance counselor actually(academic)...but I wanted to get a job as a school secretary and go for my Master's at night. But its ok...cause I have been with my sig. other for 8 yrs this November, and we just started talking about having a baby next year, so maybe the 'babytalk' sprinkled some dust on us. But then again, if this is just my hormones, at least next year I will be readily equiped with all this 411 :). But n e ways, I do plan to test when my next period would be due (around 2nd wk of April)...for now I am having sleeping I think because I am anxious. I only get like two hours sleep a night. What about u?


Laura (to L) - April 3

The earliest my period is due is tomarrow, but man I sure feel like c___p today. I've been sleeping alot, and today I slept more than I usually do, and only got out of bed b/c I had to. I had 4-5 waves of nauseau today. It was awful, but not running to the bathroom (I was out at dinner when the latest bout came )thank goodness. My b___bs still hurt when they usually stop at this time and discharge is still there. I'm hoping and nervous that AF will rear her ugly head, plus I'll be really confused why I feel like c___p. I've been with my spouse for 8 years as well! We've been living together for a year and a half now. I just feel that I'm at a crossroads in my life where I could focus (and wait) for the career to begin or start the family now and have the beginnings of a career on the side. My BF is on the fence. He's the kind that takes things day by day, so it'll be a day by day thing (maybe not a suprise then after all) He's doing the typical thing, freaking out about money, but you really just learn to fit the child into your lives and the money paid out isn't so noticeble. I haven't really told him that I may be PG b/c I've done it in the past, scared him and pretty much cried wolf. He's to the point where I'd have to drag him to the doctors or even he's have to see it on the Anxiety does cause sleep deprivation for sure, my mind is racing and I have trouble falling asleep too, but then I'm out when I do. Keep me updated and I will keep you and the others updated as well. Baby Dust!!


L(to Laura) - April 3

Hi. I don't believe how much we are on this boat. My guy and I have been living together for 2 1/2 yrs actually, and I've been debating over having baby now or going for my Masters first. So, I recently decided that I would get a job in the schools now(will have BA) and ttc next summer and then go for my Masters and all after the baby is like 5 months. I had this whole potential plan which was still in the air because of financial reasons as well. He is paying of student loans and is trying to save money to invest and stuff so his reasoning to wait is financial as well. And I have also kept him on the fence so many times so this time I haven't even told him. The thing that distinguishes this time from the others however is the fact that when my af came, she came very light(spotting) which is def. unusual...and I have these actual physical changes...but they very well can be hormonal and if so at least I have all this acquired knowledge! And if I am I will be happy because things happen for reasons and I know we can make it work. You, however do sound very preggers with your frequent waves of nausea. Well, I will definately keep you posted change by change and please keep me posted. I think this board is great. Baby dust to you and all the others as well! Where are you from by the way? I am in New York....


L - April 3 more note...I read a lot about the discharge being globby and then talk about ovulation is the ovulation one the "globby" on? I don't really get discharge when ovulating and if I do its obviously un-noticable, seeing it that this discharge is very noticable.


Laura(to L) - April 3

I hope your right that I sound preggers. Its been a bit of a better day for me. Not as queasy But the evening is still young. I get the GLOB when I ovulate (its the plug that covers your cervix coming loose I think) for me anyway. But this discharge is very wet, creamy,slippery like. Like lotion. No Af yet but the discharge makes me feel like its coming and I'm so happy in bathroom and its not there!! (holy mood swings). Still sleeping alot and tired all day. I could technically test today but I'm going to wait until next monday to be sure. (If I can hold out) Well after the 5th for sure, lol. I'm in BC, Canada


stacey - April 4

Can I join in here? i read this post the other day, and today (5dpo) I had a temp dip and am getting the shiny cm, creamy on finger- that you are talking about. I also had some of the same symptoms as laura. Constant cramp, congestion, low backache, slight bloody nose, nipple pain yesterday, today is slight b___b tenderness. I also have/had white spots on nipple, and dk areola's. Oh, also yesterday my nipples were dk and erect. Hubby thinks it's b/c I didn't wear a bra the day before .


Laura - April 4

lol-they think they know all the answers. Good luck stacey, my AF was due yesterday and its technically late after the 5th. I'm going crazy with nerves, super high emotions, plus I just don't plain feel well (symptoms still there and b___sts still hurt which they usually don't at this time-so that's hopeful). I hope, I hope, Good Luck


L (short for Livvie) - April 5

Hey Laura...glad to hear that your symptoms are still very there. Yours are more obvious for sure. I still have the visual symptoms...b___st change ones...but no b___st soreness. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Keep posting! Stacey: sure you can join! I was the one who posted the Areola Color post...and u asked for my symptoms, so u can see them...they are here on the April 1st post under the name "L" (scroll up). I am gonna try to rem. to use the name Livvie or Oli cause there is another L on some posts now. I will also keep you posted Stacey with my symtoms.


L-Livvie - April 5

Hey guys. Just wanted to tell u about the af situation with me cause I havent talked about that...well my periods are always irregular they usually come within a week late each month and once in a while, if under stress, they may come two-three weeks late. But when they come they come very heavy (my mom is the same way). My last two periods were like Feb11th-15th (shorter than normal but still there, not as heavy but heavy enough) and then March 16th-ish, but it was only 4 days and I only had light red blood for one day and it was very very light, mixed with brown...and the rest of the days were brown or like a pinkish color. So this is what is unusual for addition to the fact that my b___st are having the mentioned visual changes...and only because of these two things, I then notice all the little the fact I have this discharge ever few days that I never get...and the three waves of nausea a few weeks ago, etc. I am waiting to test the second week of April...which would be when my af is due....Also, do u guys have that metallic taste? Cause I read about it and I realized I had that a few times and then I got it last night and just a few minutes ago. To me its like I get this taste of like blood in my mouth...but it goes away and it doesnt affect the taste of food, as other people have mentioned. Another sign I havent mentioned here actually is that once in a while I will feel these twinges behind my belly b___ton and like to the side of my stomach. It feels like little pinches. I dunno...I think if I am not preggers my hormones are really partying, and at this rate I would never be able to tell if I really am. So do u guys get these other things? Well thats all for now :)


stacey - April 5

I haven't had the metallic taste, but didn't when i was pregnant before either (I m/c in jan). last night I had either heartburn, or a bit of nausia- can't really tell yet. but today- wow I am hungry like you wouldn't believe. My tummy is feeling like a pulling- and if I press it owww. we'll see. i hope I'm not just making it up :)



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