Shooting Pain In Ovary

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Rosebud - December 10

I've been having symptoms that seem like I might be pregnant: nausea, cramping, and tender/swollen br___ts. I took a pregnancy test and it was a BFN, but I thought maybe it was just too early to tell since my period is not due for a day or two. Last night, I woke up to really sharp, shooting pains in/near my right ovary. It lasted for a few minutes and it was quite painful. Now I am starting to worry. That doesn't sound like a pregnancy symptom to me. Maybe a cyst? Anybody have a similar experience??? (I plan on going to the doctor Monday, but just wanted to hear from others.)


K - December 10

I am 7.5 weeks pg and when I first found out that I was pregnant, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a very sharp pain in my lower abdomin. It felt like a twisting, knotty, burning feeling. Very painful- I've never had it before and I only had it that once. I've since been to the dr. and I'm pregnant and everything is normal. Good luck.


Rosebud - December 10

Hmmm...Thanks, K! I had no idea that was normal. Maybe I am pregnant. That makes me feel better that you had a similar experience and that everything is fine. :)


Jennifer - December 10

I felt sharp pains all through out the beginning of my pregnancy...I was just as worried as you are but the doctor just told me they were growing and stretching pains and not to worry unless i saw some type of heavy bleeding...sorry if tmi but they could be gas pains as well....thats is also very common in pregnant woman..home this helps!


babygurl63801 - December 10

hey rosebud, im glad u actually asked that question, because i have been having some pains like that in my lower aabdomin also, but no bleeding..thanks!! i wish u the best of luck!!! keep us updated!


beth - December 10

hi ladies-i am 9dp3dt and for the past 3 days, i have had constant pain in the abdominal area. when you guys talk about sharp pains, are they occasional or constant? i'm trying not to overa___lyze and just wait until my test on monday, but now i'm worried about this pain. what do you think?


Jennifer - December 10

mine weren't constand they were every now and then..if they are constant then maybe you should get that checked out by a doctor...don't get overly worried though cuz it might very well be nothing


rosebud - December 11

The pains that I have weren't constant. I felt overly nauseous and went to sleep. I just woke up to pains I never had before. It wasn't cramps, but extremely sharps pains. Only had it that once. Slept fine the rest of the night. Thanks everyone for your input so far! I still haven't started my period.


Chas - December 11

K, when did you test ? did you get any negs before pos's ?



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