Shorter Periods For Last Two Months Could I Still Be Pregnant

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??? - September 10

i had s_x in july and around the time i expected my period it came but was very light. then exactly one month later i started my period again and again it was very light. i did start exercising a lot around the end of july and i never have heavy periods, but i am still scared i am pregnant. i have taken about 10 pregnancy tests (four done at a clinic) and they are all negative. does that mean i am ok and not pregnant. i just am really paranoid and scared so any words would be great.


hyde - September 7

that was awful lot of test u had done. but u didn't mention what kind of tests were done at the doc? urine or blood test? if the blood tests says u r not pregnant, it is unlikely that u r. your light periods r very likely caused by your sudden overexercising. if u really don't want to be pregnant, do use protection in the meantime. n if u r still really afraid n worried, go n get a transv____al ultrasound done to make sure u r really not pregnant.


Viv - September 7

Just my opinion! It sounds as though you had one-time s_x and you are now obsessing about the possibility of pregnancy. If you are pregnant from July s_x, you would be a month gone by now and having plenty of other symptoms, including being too tired to exercise. Relax, and cut back on exercising. In extreme cases that can lead to no period at all.


Bw - September 8

Excersising can cause light and mis-periods if you took the test 5-7 weeks after you though you were pregnant and came back Neg., I wouldn't worry.


??? - September 9

all the tests were urine but the four done at the clinic were the really sensitive ones and i did many after 4 i would be 4 weeks...i guess i'm just scared but i have read that people get periods when pregnant...


? - September 10



natasha - September 24

have s_x and then coming on your period next day make sperm went inside you come on period next dose that mean pregnant


natasha - September 24

have s_x thursday 23 september 2004 wanst meant to come on next thurdays 30th sept 2004 and i got sperm in side me and i come on 7 day early


Viv - September 24

Natasha, having s_x doesn't cause a period to come on the next day. Having s_x in the last 7 days of your cycle is not very likely to make you pregnant. The only possibility I can think of that might give you cause to worry is that you had s_x earlier in the month, and the 7 day early period you are seeing is a very light one, and has to do with implantation. If that is the case you would now be experiencing the beginning of early pregnancy symptoms. If there are no symptoms, you should stop worrying.


SUZI - September 25

i am so SCARED! 1st i had very very lite brown blood..2days later i am bleeding like crazy..i have seen 2 really big clots pa__s through and some smaller ones..i am very nervous and scared...i took a shower put a pad on as soon as i came out and like 10minz later i had to change it again.. i am very scared because i suspected i was preg. soo could this be a miscarriage? or is it possible i could still be preg? i heard when u get your period your temp goes down 0.5 i have been taking my temp for the past 5 days and it went from 98.6,98.8 and then today its 99.0 i am very confused... and last night i kept having a wierd metal-like taste in my mouth but only in the back of my mouth.. PLEASE HELP SOOO WORRIED!!!!!!



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