Should I Be Able To Suck In My Tummy When I First Start Showing

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kaylee - August 23

hi when you first get preg, like in the first 6-7 weeks. when you stomach starts to grow are you supposta be able to suck your stmoach in and look skinny still???


Balls - August 20



kaylee - August 20

i was just wondering if its normal to be able to do?!.. i had a preg test but it was neg. but i think i am.. i think im even starting to show.. so i was wondering if iam or its just in my head.. are you able to do that when your preg?


Milissa - August 20

You will know when you cant anymore because you will get bigger and bigger.


milissa - August 20

I was having the same thing happening to me and after 4 test. I think that its all in my head. And that my biolical clock is ticking. And I look like I have gotten bigger I will just wait to see if my period comes next month. good lucck


kaylee - August 20

thanks im going to wait too.. im going to take another test at the beginning of sept. hoping for pos. results :D.. good luck too you! :)


kaylee - August 20

can i have some more input on my question please!?


fijian - August 21

Hey Kaylee, If I am prego its only a couple weeks since conception, but I am so bloated all the time, and my two tests came out negative. I cannot suck my stomach very well, like usual. Tell me if you find out anything! Good Luck!


kaylee - August 21

yah its hard for me to suck it to, not like usual.. and it feels really uncomfortable to wear my jeans! :S.. i dont even know for sure if i am preg or not.. but i think i am


fijian - August 22

Kaylee, are you trying to get pregnant, if so, have you been trying for a while? Maybe you are less far along than you think and that is why the tests show negative? My fiance really hopes I'm pregnant, I want another baby too, but I think I need to finish school first. Plus be a little better off financially.


kaylee - August 22

im not exactly trying to get pregnant.. me and my b/f had unprotected s_x on the 2nd of july.. we were just hoping that it ended in pregnancy.. but we havnt had s_x since then :S


kaylee - August 22

anymore input on this?!


Jess - August 23

How old are you Kaylee? You cannot be pregnant if you have had a negative pregnancy test and not had s_x since. I think you should stop exciting yourself as when you retest in September you are going to be very disappointed when it comes back negative. Your NOT pregnant!


L - August 23

Jess, you are wrong. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had 3 neg tests before I got a positive one.


kaylee - August 23

hey everyone thanks for your responces... tomorrow my sister is taking me to get a test done at the health unit


megan - January 25

i can i suck in my tummy when starting to show. i just had a sandwich but my tummy still hurt a lot what does that means.



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