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ebaby08 - March 6

My boyfriend and I have been using the pull out method for the past year and it has worked fine, until now, on march 2, we had s_x once and he pulled out and then we had s_x again and he pulled, but i heard that if he didnt urinate in between i have a risk of getting pregnant. And that was also the day i ovulated on. Just wondering if i should be concerned or not?!


SarahBethT - March 6

hmm I never hear that about urinating. You do have a chance anyways because of pre c_m. If you miss a period then test


krissy2006 - March 6

ebaby, suffice it to say that the pull out method is never ever 100% effective. No birth control except abstinence is. So if I am reading this correctly, you had s_x, he pulled out, came and then went back in for a 2nd round without urinating or wiping himself off? Sperm life is a funny thing. It is said that once sperm hits air they usually die but this is not always the case. Also as Sarahbeth mentioned, the pull-out method does not account for pre-c_m which indeed can get you pregnant and even if the man says he didn't have any or something to that effect the truth is he can't control it, can't feel it and wouldn't know whether he had it or not. So if you miss your period that is going to be due I would suggest testing. If you do get your period it is very unlikely you are pregnant and I would suggest using another method of birth control if you are dead against getting pregnant. GL!


Grandpa Viv - March 6

Practiced well, pull-out s_x results in one pregnancy every 4 years. You may have a 10% chance from this encounter. It's probably too late for PlanB contraception, so now you have the 2 week wait. Come back and tell us if you suspect implantation this weekend or early signs of pregnancy next week. Test if need be 3/16 and 32/3 first am pee. Good luck!


ebaby08 - March 6

thanks for helpful answers i'll keep you all posted!


ebaby08 - March 10

So far so good, no signs other than really sore b___bs, but thats probably just just my on coming period!


Grandpa Viv - March 10

We have our fingers crossed for you. Meanwhile you should be thinking hard about a better method of contraception. For sure stay away from that fertile window, and condoms plus foam spermicide would keep you covered the rest of the time. Good luck!


ebaby08 - March 10

after i get my period (hopefully) im going to the doctors to get back on the pill. i was on it over a year ago, seemed to work : ) just made me a little chubby, hehe!


ebaby08 - March 12

well today i have been really crampy, i never get cramps berfore or during my period, so this is a little strange for me. What do you think?



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