Should I Be Having More Symptoms By Now 10 11 Dpo

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Kathleen - July 7

Hi all! I'm new. Waiting for no AF on 7/10 or 7/11. Don't really feel pregnant :( All I have is some cramping. So to anyone having been through pregnancy, should I be having more symptoms by now? I'm at 10/11 dpo Thanx and good luck to all testing!!!


SHA - July 7

hey, im waiting for no AF 7/10 as well. my symptoms are mild cramping in lower abdomen, kinda sleepy last coupld days, more of an appet_te, a few white bumps around my nipples which i heard is a sign i guess. sometimes i feel pregnant sometimes i dont.....i dont have sore b___bs or nausea. i didnt when i was pregnant with my son though either. good luck to you! we can test in a couple days! ~~~****baby dust*****~~~~


Kathleen - July 7

Hi SHA I don't have sore b___bs or nausea either. I'm trying to not pay attention to every little sign so I'm telling myself cramping is all I got! Don't know about the white bumps as I've always had them. Maybe they become more prominent? If you've noticed a difference there I'm sure it's a good sign! Good luck :) and baby dust


kim - July 7

I didn't begin to feel pregnant until 7 or 8 weeks with both of my pregnancies. Every womebn is different, some women never feel pregnant some know the day they conceived. Hang in there, no symptoms at this point doesn't mean much.


Kathleen - July 7

That's encouraging, thanks Kim!


to Kathleen - July 7

When did your cramping start? I started getting af like cramps at 5-7 dpo, not many other symptoms so to speak, but did get my bfp at 11 dpo! Good Luck!


lax - July 7

Kim - Thanks a bunch. my no af is on 7/8. No signs or symptoms at all.. not even the af symptoms. Will test on saturday 7/9. Hope to get a good result. baby dust to all of us...


Kathleen - July 8

Good Luck to all testing! The only new-ish with me is a vein I noticed on my right areola yesterday, it was there, then gone, then appeared again... Really doubting it's a sign though as I have no idea if this is normally happening with me. And then a bout of nausea which made me get out of bed and go to the bathroom. My mouth was filled with saliva (sorry tmi). I was there thinking, ok is this real or am I imagining it? It felt real... I felt ok after a while Bumping this up in hope to hear from someone concerning lack of symptoms **Baby dust to all!!**


Camilla - July 8

I didn't have any signs either, until I was around 7 weeks pregnant. The only thing I did have was cramping but no AF. I think 'no signs' is more hopeful, than a whole catalogue of signs extremely early on. IMHO..:)


Grandpa Viv - July 8

It seems as though you are beginning to get signs, Kathleen. The nausea and the saliva both count. No runny nose, discharge, fatigue, frequent peeing? Oh well, a missed AF and a positive test 7/17 is what you will have to wait for. Good luck!


Sharon - July 8

Hi Kathleen!!!! I am waiting for no af between 7/11-7/13.....I am having no symptoms though...I keep thinking my bbs are sore but not to sure if I am just imagining it.....I am wondering the same,,if i should be having more symptoms by now too......Sha I have little white bumps too wondering if that is a sign....


sas - July 8

Hi all, I ovulated very late this cycle on day 36! But BD until temp went up. I am now 7dpo and have very very sore b___bs and lots of creamy discharge 5/ 6 dpo.No other synptoms. Due Af 7/15. Lets keep each other updated. Good luck all.


Sharon - July 8

Hi sas!! I know this sounds dumb but what is bd'ing? My b___bs are a little sore and it is about 10 dpo......I hope this is the month



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