Should I Be Worried

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Stephy - March 28

okie.. i had my period on the 15th... and i started the pill the first time in my life this month march 15th.. Anyways i want to know the effects of alcohol on the pill... throughout the time im on the pill.. i drank beer once.. (1 can) and but have had food with alcohol content... anyways last night i had 2 sip of beer.. and i mean sip as in really small sip.. Anyways today me and my bf had s_x and he wasn't sure if he ejaculated he said probably no... and i didn't feel anything.. should i be worried...?


no patience! - March 28

Stephy, I think your fine. I haven't heard of any effects caused by alcohol. Antibiotics, yes. Alcohol, no. I used to be on the pill for quite some time, and I drank... and no pregnancies. I wouldn't be worried unless you find yourself with symptoms.


LN - March 29

no worries. When I first started the pill I asked the doctor is alchol affects the pill and it totally doesn't. You have nothing to worry about. Although you should be following the directions and using a back up method the first month. You should be fine though.


Grandpa Viv - March 29

Some say it's best to use backup protection for the first month on the pill. You'll probably be fine. The alcohol is not a problem.


b - March 29



j - March 29

Hey Stephy, I was on the pill for 10 years and never had a problem with alcohol and the pill. Although as others have written, antibiotics WILL effect the pill. If you ever skip more than one pill, make sure to use backup protection.


Stephy - March 29

well yes this is my first month and we should have used backup.. but when it's all said and done we didn't... (at least it's a step improvement from using the withdrawal method and using the condom but then taking the condom off halfway =/) Anyways i ahven't skipped any pills.. iread the instruction you're suppose to take the pill the same time everyday.... there have been days whee im like 2-3 hours late because i was on the go and didn't bring my pill with me,... but i haven't skipped an actual day.. Anyways thanks for everyone's imput =)


Jas - April 2

I am also just started on the pill... this is the end of my 2nd week, beginning of my third week, sometimes i feel sick in my tummy and feel a bit nausea... Im not sure if i got pregranant before i started the pill.. or because i didn't use a condom during my first few weeks when im on the pill... what should i do? Can i still test if im pregrnanat if im on the pill in 2 weeks? or what???


jas - April 2

oh yeah.. i find i have this mucous that's mostly white... i know going on BC stops ovulation.. so this is normal right? the stuff strechyes a few cm then break.. someones strehcy only about 1/2 to 1 cm them break? Normal???!!!



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