Should I Even Test

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wish42 - April 20

Hi Everyone! I am new to this awesome site & really want some advice. I know it would be easier to just go & take the test, but seeing neg again is so uugh!!! My period is not due for a few days, but I had two days of what seemed like a period & then NOTHING! It started out brown, but then went to red & then completely gone. Very strange for me. I have a weird sensation of nausea in my mouth sometimes & sometimes cannot stand the smells of certain foods. But other than that I have no signs. Has anyone had anything like that? We bd when I was O but I just don't know!! Thanks for any help.


Grandpa Viv - April 20

Sounds like implantation spotting and a couple of good signs. Why don't you keep your fingers crossed and wait to test first pee Sat 29th? Watch for unusual fatigue, dizzy, emotions, gut and b___b changes, peeing, lotion discharge and some others. Good luck!


Emma2 - April 20

Yep sure sounds like IB ...You can try testing with a more sensitive brand. Good Luck


wish42 - April 20

Thanks so much for the info. I haven't used any test yet because my AF would not have actually been due for 2 more days. This evening though (not to be gross) after I used the bathroom there was a light pink mucus on my tp. What was that? Never had that before. Love to know your thoughts.


Emma2 - April 21

Wish, there are tests that are sold in pharmacies that detect as early as 4 days prior to your period. I tested 3 days prior and got my + .


sa__sifras - April 21

I tested 6 days before, negative. 4 days before, negative, 2 days before..POSITIVE!! SO, it just depends on the levels of hormones in your body and the test. I always use First Response, but usually because you can get 3 tests in a box! I say go out and get one. Good luck!


wish42 - April 21

Thanks girls! Has anyone had the light pink on their tp? Really want to know.


wish42 - April 22

Well I couldn't take it anymore. I took the test & it was a BFN!! I really feel like I am preg though. G Viv said I should wait till the 29th. Why so late? I actually feel a bizarre almost burning feeling. What is that? Maybe I have an infection. Uugh! I have mild cramps pretty low as well. Any clues anyone?


Lin - April 22

Sorry to hear about your bfn! He probably said the 29th, because that would be a week after your period was due. The chances of getting a false negative that late are pretty slim. At any rate, if you had two days of substantial flow, whatever the color, it was probably your period. Pardon me if I keep repeating myself on this forum, but I've had two periods in recent months that were less than 1 day long and very light, and mine are usually 5 days. Sometimes odd periods happen.


NikkiR - April 23

I sunds we're experiencing the same syptoms wish42. I woke up this morning to light spotting which was red and not light pink, but my cramps are very sharp. I am also very sensitive to smells, my cycle should've been here 5 days ago, I haven't tested yet though, My b___st were sore a few days ago but not anymore, My appet_te has picked up lately, I scared to test because I get neg all the time, What do u think?


wish42 - April 23

Nikkir, I truly understand your hesitation. If you're already overdue then I would test soon. Maybe wait & see if the bleeding is heavier tomorrow in case it is your AF. Uugh!! No reason to set yourself up for unnecessary disappointment. How about the burning feeling that I was talking about? Does anyone know what that is? That might not even be the right word to use.


Lin - April 23

A burning feeling would very likely be indicative of an infection.


wish42 - April 23

Thanks Lin. That's what I was afraid of. I, thank goodness, have never had anything like this previously.


NikkiR - April 23

Yes I think if you're having a burning feeling then it maybe an infection. I don't have that but the bleeding is still light. Im about to call it a day. I'll probably test tomorrow. The cramping is what Im more concerned about though, The cramps haven't let up at all today and when I lay down they seem to get worse. Does anyone think this could just be my cycle coming on?


Lin - April 23

If you're having any kind of a substantial flow (more than just spotting or pink when you wipe), then it sounds like it's your period starting. At least, that's what I gather from a single post.


Grandpa Viv - April 23

Pregnancy hormones cause chemistry changes down below which may allow previously unnoticed flora to proliferate (yeast, UTI).


jeanette - April 24

Just wanted to pipe up and let you know with my last pregnancy I had a bad burning almost rash like stinging feeling on my v____a and btw my thighs that lasted no more than a day, then went away. Thought I had poured perfume on myself, thats how the stinging felt. After I found out I was pregnant, I wondered if it was just a symptom and asked the Doc. She said basically the same thing Grandpa Viv said about chemistry changes, and an over abundance of yeast. Never turned into a full b__wn yeast infection though, just went away. Well, lets hope its the case for you!! God bless and babydust, wish!!



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