Should I Get Another Test Tonight

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Carrielad - July 2

Okay, I'm trying hard not to freak out here, but I just got a SUPER faint line on a dollar store test. Do I need to wait until morning or should I take another one? Please help....


staci - July 2

I would take one with fmu. Dollar store tests like to give out evap lines. Was your line pink(or whatever color that is)? If it has color to it then it is probably a positive, but just to be sure do one in the am. good luck!


Carrielad - July 2

Thank you. Congratulations to you! I'm gonna try again in the morning. I'm only 11dpo so I still have some time....I don't want to get crazy excited, but it's hard.


rns91294 - July 2

Thanks! I think I was 14 dpo when I first tested....but then again, I can't be sure since I am irregular. Evry day your levels rise and are strongest in the morning. I look forward to seeing what happens tomorrow. I wish you the best of luck (which however way you want the result to turn out)!


Carrielad - July 3

Okay, now I'm confused. Staci asked me what color the line was and I went to look and it was gone. I was feeling sad, so I just put the test up on the highest shelf in my bathroom. I woke up at 5:30 am and thought I might as well test (all I had was a dollar store test) and I couldn't see anything for a couple of minutes so I went back to bed. At 8:00 I told my husband about both tests and he got them off the shelf, there were faint pink positives on both! I don't know if its right because that was several hours inbetween.


rns91294 - July 3

They say on the dollar store tests that anything past 10 minutes can not be read as an actual result. Go buy a first response test which has a good level to test early. Take it tonight. Wait 3 minutes and then read it. Let us know!


Reena - July 3

Don't freak out!! I took a BUNCH of Dollar store tests only because they were the chepest..I thought I wasn't pregnant due to the faint line.....HONEY I AM 17 weeks pregnant now. When I went to my doctor she said that the reason why it was so faint was because I tested too early. It all depends on your HCG levels at the time. (If you just want to by-pa__s all the HPTs just ask your doc for a BPT they are over 99% accurate) If you see a line no matter how dark/faint it usually means something is cooking!! Hope this helps!! Good Luck!!


Rhonda - July 3

I used the dollar test and they worked great.a positive is a positive no matter how faint the line,the first one i took was so freakin faint,i got a headache trying to see it,but it was there.


Carrielad - July 3

2 more faint positives on first response generic (cvs brand). I cannot believe it! I'm gonna buy one more test (digital) just to be sure, but I'm really starting to get excited! Thanks everybody!


staci - July 3

Congratulations carrie, that means you're pg! Very good news!!


rns91294 - July 3

Carrie, just remember, the digital ones need a higher HcG level to read properly. Maybe you should wait to take it until the weekend. Although, I did see them at my supermarket, fairly cheap and you get two in the pack. One for now and one for the weekend ;) Congrats!


Carrielad - July 4

Okay so five bfps later and one negative on a digital test (thanks, rns on the heads up) I'm still not due for af for 2 more days. 5bfps! Thanks so much everybody!


rns91294 - July 4

Carrie, the first response tests read at 15-25 miu's. The digital ones are either 40 or 50. I think the dollar store ones are 25 (at least the ones I have are) and my dr told me they are very accurate. IN fact, I took a fourth yesterday because I was starting to not feel pregnant snymore. lol. Did you get a pack with two of the digital ones? If so, try again this weekend. But still, all those other faint lines tell you something. I didn't test until the day of my missed period to get a faint line. Any sooner and I don't think I would have even got that. Keep us posted!!!!



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