Should I Go Get A Pregnancy Test

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Kim - July 30

Hello. I went of birth control a couple of months ago ($ probs) but we've always used condoms and they have never broken. Anyway, I haven't been feeling sick exactly, but I've felt kindof wierd the past 2 days--only at times, mostly in the afternoon or evenings--slight headache, not very hungry, (I may have felt the slightest bit light headed yesterday). Today my nipples are a bit sore and harder than usual. I have also been feeling cold in the afternoons and a bit acidy (heartburn). I am now 5 days late on my period. I have no bleeding or spotting at all. I suppose it is possible that my cycle is changing. I have had a lot of cramps, especially lately, though. I'm short on cash right now because my husband has been out of work. He just got a good job but won't get paid until the 15th. I was wondering if I should borrow some $ from someone and take a test, or am I just imagining that I could be pregnant?


April - July 29

Hey Kim, anything is possible; I think you should take a test there is FREE pregnancy testing at clinics all over. I'm sure you can find one in your area. Look in the yellow pages. Good Luck!!! Keep us posted!!!


Kim - July 30

I actually got 2 ept tests (I got paid today--how could I have forgotten about MY paycheck? :)) It was negative (took it when I got home from work). Does it matter if I didn't have enough urine for a full 5 seconds as the instructions say? Should I try again tomorrow am or in a couple days? My b___sts still don't feel normal and I still have no period and cramps.


April - July 30

I would give it a couple of days and try to take it in the morning they say thats the best urin also im sure if its your first urin you will have enough to go the 5 seconds.let me know what happens. Here are some other early signs of pregnancy: one or more of these changes can signify that you are pregnant. You may not notice any of them at first, but still instinctively know you are pregnant because you “feel” different.  A missed period-but if your periods are normally irregular, or you are anxious, busy, or ill, this may not be a reliable guide. It is also possible after you have become pregnant to have slight bleeding around the time you would normally expect your period.  Enlarged, tender b___sts, which may tingle a little.  A strange metallic taste in your mouth.  Tiredness, not just in the evening, but during the day.  Feeling faint, and perhaps dizzy.  An increase in normal v____al discharge.  Nausea and perhaps vomiting; this may happen at any time of the day.  A strong dislike of some things, such as alcohol, coffee, and cigarette smoke, and a craving for others.  Feeling unusually emotional (because of hormone changes).  A frequent need to urinate. Good luck!!!!



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