Should I Take An At Home Test

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Waiting.. - May 19

I am about two days past the date I should have started my period but I have been going through lots of stress. We have been trying but I just don't know if it is too early to take a test.


Alison - May 19

Most home pregnancy tests work from the day your period is due so it should hopefully work now if you try. As you say stress can delay a period, but yes I think you should test to see. I hope you get a BFP and that the stress gets better for you xxx


Waiting... - May 19

I just don't want to be disappointed at the same time


Alison - May 19

I can understand that, it's a hard choice between risking disappointment and the anxiety of not knowing! If you feel better about it wait a few more days before you test just to make sure? Best wishes to you xxx


Waiting... - May 19

Thank you.


Michelle - May 19

do you feel like it af is coming? I am in the same situation af was due on the 14th.


Waiting... - May 19

I have the bachache and I have been kinda nausea. I also woke up yesterday morning dry heaving.


KEEKEE - May 19

I was told by my doctor to wait 10 days after a missed or abnormal period to take a test. That way you won't get a false postive or negative result. Sometimes the pregnancy test would pick up a early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy which would give you a false postive. So I would wait 10 days to see if you are pregnant. Good Luck and Baby Dust!!!!


Waiting... - May 19

What are some good pregancy at home tests to take? I know that certain tests only measure certain HCG levels


Alison - May 19 is quite a good website for seeing reviews of various tests. I have always found the clearblue tests reliable myself. Hoping you get good news! xxx


md - May 19

I recommend CVS digital. There is no guessing, it says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" and it gave me a BFP on day 17 past ovulation. It's the only one that worked for me. Good luck!



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