Should I Tell Him

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Jenna - July 6

Hello h__lo! I posted on here yesterday about how i have all the symptoms of being pregnant, but took a test and it was a BFN! I started getting cold like symptoms 2 days ago (which you can get if your pg) and today i went to the doc. She immediately asked if i could be pg and took a urine test. Well i knew it would be ---and it was. However, she said there is still a chance that i am PG! Along with that she said she couldnt find anything unusual with me sinuses or throat which have been hurting , but she put me on a decongestant just in case. Also she said its possible i could be getting a UTI but she isnt sure, so she gave me meds for that . I had to make another appt for a pap smear and if AF doesnt come in a week a blood test! So should i tell my BF that i could be PG or wait. I mean i didnt want to tell him before i missed my period , but now that i have and the doc said i stil could be im thinking maybe i should say something. He has told me before he doesnt want any surprises when it comes to that. What do you think???


Beth - July 6

I like to tell my husband these things, but he doesn't really care anyway until I know for sure. :) I think that if you feel that he would want to know, then you should at least tell him there's a chance. That way he won't get upset if you find out you are, but kept it from him. Then again, why worry him if you're not. I don't know what I would do in that situation. You know him best and what his reactions would be. Let us know what happens!


Linds - July 6

Out of my own experience right now, only tell him if you are. Otherwise he will be worried the whole time and things might change a little too in the meantime. Or maybe after you schedule the blood test let him know but not before.


to Jenna - July 6

I wouldn't go into too much detail about pregnancy now either, because as it stands you tested negative on 2 pregnancy tests. In my experience, more often than not hpt results give the correct results, especially if they are still negative when you are late. Many guys don't like the agonizing about 'maybe baby', they just want to know one way or another. And since you don't know, I'd wait until you've had your blood test, if you still don't get your period. Or you can do what Linds says, just tell him you''re coming up negative, but might have it blood checked to be sure. It also depends on what kind of person your bf is. Would he be thrilled to be a dad? Would he think it was not good news? You may not want to freak him out for nothing, it just depends.


Jenna - July 7

Just a lil update *I told him that i went to the doc and they did a pg test but it was neg. However if my af doesnt come within a week i need a blood test. Although right after i said that he knocked into my bbs and well lets just say i let it be known that it hurt, then he said he thinks i am bc of that, who knows.


Brandi - July 7

U should tell him just incase if u r. So u and him can be perpared for it.


anonymous - July 7

im kind of in the same boat....i think i might be but wont know for sure until AF does or doesnt show up 7/10. i actually mentioned it to him but he pretty much just shrugs it off. so whatever! lol its constantly on my mind but obviously not his. ill let him know when i know for sure



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