Should I Test Really Need Advice

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C - July 9

So, my husband and I were going ttc but I decided that I'm going to finish my BS in science first. I only have 2 years left. We were not safe however in June. I was convinced that my period was coming, I had sore swollen br___ts, horrible irritability and increased appet_te. My period was due yesterday. I spotted on 7/7 and nothing since but I've got af type cramps. Should I wait, should I test? It is very probable that we could have conceived. Any advice would be helpful.


UK_Karen - July 9

do you still have the spotting? even on and off? in all honesty i would get a test just to be on the safe side. did you do your period maths right?? try to relax tho, and if all else fails go see you doctor. good luck


C - July 9

I'm barely spotting this morning, there is no reddish color at all but I'm kind of crampy and really ga__sy. Sorry if too much info. My period is like clockwork every month, I have a 30 day cycle, maybe I'll just test today so I can forget about it. If it comes out negative then I can just relax.


me - July 9

you should test.. even if it comes up neg, you could still be pregnant, but if it is pos. you are def. pregnant.


C - July 9

One more thing, ladies, what do you think about this? My b___sts were sore and swollen from about 6/27 ( I ovulated on 6/23) until today. They seem to be getting smaller and they don't hurt as much, if I were really pregnant, they would stay swollen and sore, right? I don't think I'm pregnant, I'm probably making myself late by worrying about it.


stacey - July 9

Sounds like you might be- I would test..and if you don't want to use an HPT, use and OPK..if it comes up w/ 2 dark're pregnant- that's how I found out- then I took a HPT to make sure- but didn't want to waste it first...


Mica - July 9

I'm thinking, that perhaps, you are pregnant. You need toknow so you can take care of everything. Take a test with concentrated urine (have to hold it for 4 hours) and let us know. best to you!



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