Should I Test Today

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princess_20 - April 18

My AF was supposed to come today but so far there is no sign of her showing up. and i dont think she is going to because i dont have any cramps or other AF signs. I want to test today but im not sure if it will turn out possitive yet, or if i need to wait a few more days to test. What do yall think?


Elda79 - April 18

if you're sure today is the exact date of your missed period you should test. I'm not an expert but I would. Good luck and let us know


Steff - April 18

If I were you I would test. (I tested last night and got BFN... my AF due today too). If it is negative then test agian in a few days Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 18

Just a guess, but you may have missed a cycle. If you were getting pregnant there would likely be some early preg signs similar to AF signs. Did you have unprotected s_x the first weekend in April? Maybe you are, then. Good luck!


Jen - April 18

I think you should test. I didn't test till day 35 of my cycle (BFP) because I had all the AF symptoms. I had cramps, sore b___st and was emotional. I even went out and bought pads. But AF never came. You never know, some girls say they didn't get pregnancy symptoms till they were 3 months along. Good luck, let us know : )


princess_20 - April 18

Ok im back from the store and i got a test and took it but im still not sure what the answer is yet....i might have to wait a little longer...i took it and one line came up really dark but i dont know if it was my eyes playign tricks or not but it almost looked like a real faint 2nd line. ill either take the second test in the morning first thing or wait a few days if i can and re-test. baby dust to all:) oh and yes Grandpa Viv i had unprotected s_x on the 4th (other dates too) but thats the day i was supposed to ovulate


princess_20 - April 18

And thank all of you for giving me your advise!!! i will keep you posted and let you know what the next test says. the only thing i have right now (in the way of symptoms) is sore nipples (i know TMI) not real bad, just enough to notice it whan i put on a bra or something like that. i just dont understand about the cramps....i always get them before AF and this month no cramps and no AF....its so confusing lol


LN030905 - April 18

Good Luck, princess!



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