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lareyna - September 29

i think im 7-8 weeks but im not do u even know if your showing?where do u get bigger?is it normal not to be showing right now?


lareyna - September 29

please answer.....also today i gota white wet creamy type of discharge is that normal and a pimple just showed up.....but im 13 days late this month and about 7-8 weeks pregnant it normal?


lacey - September 30

Hiya im 11 weeks pregnant and hardly showing myself theres nothing to worry about, and yes the discharge is normal calm down girl go get ya self checked, lacey and bump xxx


lareyna - September 30

aight thanks


ray - September 30

i have 3 kids and i was the same as you 3 times but don't worry i still had a flat tummy untill i was 4 months i mean eveyone is different but at about 3-4months gone you will start blooming then you won't be able to wait till you are thin again but i promise it is normal(wait till you first feel baby kick)it is the best feeling in the world all the best hope everything goes well love ray xx


ray - September 30

sorry forgot to mension the discharge you only get discharge like that when you are pregnant as it protects your baby from infection when you are about 7 months it will look like snot but that is just the discharge from around your waters and that will dissapear after the baby is born i thought i would let you know so you don't have a panic attack(ha ha) when you see it love ray xx


lareyna - October 1 it normal to have the discharge that looks like mucus around this time?because ive been having that kinda discharge and a creamy off and on.


candy - October 1

ot is very normal for you not to be showing right now, you will not start to show untill you are three to four moths along


ray - October 1

lareyna it is normal to have that discharge if it doesn't itch or smell funny then it is fine so don't worry that stuff may look horrible but just remember that the discharge protects your baby from infection so stop panicing(ha ha) love ray xx



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