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angie m - February 22

If there are any other women out there that have been to shy to chat on any of the other threads you are more then welcome to join hollyl2313 and I on here. I am too shy to type in any of the other threads too. My hubby and I have just decided to try for our 4th, well he said we would just, you know, when we feel like it and see what happens, but I am going to make sure I feel like it on the right days. Hope everyone that reads this is having a great day. : )


Daynae79 - February 22

wow Angie, you already have 3 kids! what are their ages? guess you have your hands full. My husband and i are trying for our 1st. I am just excited b/c i got my first OPK yesterday!!


angie m - February 22

Hi Daynae79, I have a 5 year old son, a 3 year old daughter, and a 2 year old son. My hubby and I both really want 4 kids and feel that it would be best for them to all grow up together. I am pretty busy most of the time but I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't know anything about the OPK, is it a test that you take to see when you are ovulating or what? I am new to the trying thing, my other kids where all happy surprises. Have you been trying for long? Good luck to you and your hubby, I hope that you will get a BFP soon.


hollyl2313 - February 22

Yay Angie Im happy for you that your hubby gave you the go ahead. I am a true believer that it will ahppen when it is meant to be. As far as me I think I am 4 dpo. Im trying not to think about it though I will drive myself crazy! Hi Daynae congrats on your + OPK. Was this the first time using them or just your first +? How long have you been ttc? I guess you better get BD :} He He. Hey- at least it's a fun process, right?


tryin44 - February 22

Hey angie. I just got my BFP this morning. It will be our fourth also. My husband said the same thing. I wonder if he realized how much my s_x drive went up when we had the maybe one more would be nice talk. Well, good luck.


angie m - February 22

Hollyl2313, I am soooo happy too. I think it is a lot easier to think that it will happen when it is meant to happen but it still doesn't make it any less disappointing when you don't get that BFP. So you still have a while to wait that is ok hopefully the less you think about it the quicker it will fly by. I am guessing that the OPK is a test that tells you when you ovulate. I will have to look into them.


angie m - February 22

tryin44 CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting, how old are your other ones and how long did it take you? I am sure that I will be the same and be all over him and I am sure that he will be loving it because I am not like that at all normally. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.


bradylove - February 22

Hi...I'm not super shy but I would like to stick to one thread...with you guys if that's ok? angie m, lol about making sure you feel like it on the right days. That's what dh and I said 3 months ago too and now I'm doing an OPK. Dh and I are ttc #3!!! I already have a 2 1/2 yr old and an 8mos old. I'm supposed to O this weekend. Haven't got a positive OPK yet! Will test anyways on March 10. How about you guys??


tryin44 - February 22

We have 6 and 7 year old boys and a baby girl that is 15 months old. We were planning on three only but we waited longer than we wanted between 2 and 3. Now our girl seems alone and we love how our boys who were 14 months apart play so we decided maybe to have a fourth. Not 14 months apart but 2 years. Our daughters b-day is Nov 4 and the news DD is Nov1


angie m - February 22

bradylove I would love to have you join us. #3 how exciting and it is nice to find other people out there who are wanting to have there kids close together. I am on cd 4 and I think I am supposed to O on March 6 or 7 so I have a while still before I need to feel like it lol. Hopefully you will have a good weekend! But then you will be in the 2ww and that is the part of trying that I am dreading. Since you have done it a few months now, is the 2ww pretty hard? I am afraid that I will get addicted to HPT and will have a really hard time waiting tell af is late before I test. Well hope you all had a great day.


angie m - February 22

tryin44 that is so neat that your new baby is due the same month that your little girl was born. It is nice how well kids seem to get along when they are born close together. It is like they aren't just siblings they are best friends.


tryin44 - February 22

I loved having our first two. I would have loved to have our youngest and new one closer but I had to work on DH. Then when he was good with the idea it took longer than my others to concieve.


bradylove - February 23

I hate the 2ww!! I'm a total testaholic so I went and bought a 20 pack of internet cheapies to get me through. I always set my testing date but I just can't help myself and it's costing me a fortune! Fingers crossed for a +OPK today or tomorrow!


MammaJL - February 23

Hi ladies, hope you don't mind but I was reading through your thread and I just wanted to Say good luck to all of you and send Tonz of ~*Baby dust*~ your way. Also, Congratulations to tryin.


kelly607 - February 23

Hi, I tried posting on other threads and nobody replied therefore i hope you don't mind me joining this one as i felt a little silly on the others!!! You all seem to know alot about this so i thought i'd ask this question i just started charting and started on day15, 15,16,17&18 my temp was 35.9 then on 19,20, it rose to 36.15 on day 22 drop it dropped to 35.9 and day 22 rose to 36.45 then today was 36.15. I'm totally confused do you think i ovulated on day 18 as thats when i should have!! Good Luck to you all and congrats tryin44 xx


angie m - February 23

kelly607 I don't mind you joining us at all and I am sorry that no one else would help you out, I really wish that I could but I have never tempt before and am new to the whole trying thing. But I am sure that someone on here will be able to help you out. MammaJL thank you for sending us your good luck wishes and I am still not sure what the whole baby dust thing is about. Someone please fill me in. bradylove I have a feeling that I am going to be just like you and spend a ton of money on hpt's and be testing way before it is even possible to be able to get accurate results. Maybe I will just tell my hubby to not buy me one until a day before I am due for af and to make sure to get me a double pack. Where did you find the ones on the internet? And good luck getting that + OPK hopefully you and yours will have a great weekend ; ) tryin44 so it did take you longer then before to conceive? I am sure that my hubby will be hopeing for that so he can enjoy the trying part longer LOL. For me when I am pregnant the very low s_x drive that I have normally, completely goes away and I don't want to be touched at all. Hope you all are having a great morning.


hollyl2313 - February 23

Good morning ladies. TGIF!!! Tryin44- congrats to you hopefully you will be the first of many BFP to come. bradylove- I am trying for #3 too. but my kids are 8 yrs old and 18 mths. so we are trying to keep the last two closer in age so they can grow up togther. Kelly607- I don't know too much about temping for I have not done it myself, but from what I learned on here is that I believe that your temp drops at O time and then goes up towards AF.please someone correct me if I'm wrong! If I don't get a BPF this cycle then I will begin temping. Anyone else in the Tww I think I'm 5-6DPO. I hope you all have a great Friday.



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