Sick Of Getting Period

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anne - August 8

Why oh why did stupid af have to show her ugly head this month. I could of sworn I was pregnant, had so many symptoms. But I guess I made it all up in my head again, what else is new!! I think I am going insane! HELP!!


maddie - August 8

anne, how long have you been ttc? Sometimes it does take awhile, but think about how great the reward is :) I have been ttc 3 months, still waiting to find out. Dust to you


eb - August 8

mmm i hate that feeling when you look doen to the bright red toilet paper! and a huge wave of disapoinment hangs over you... well if it helps im going insane for a girl who never knew when af was coming to the exact day which is tommmorow.....goood luck keep having lots of s_x!


Ca__sie - August 8

Don't give up hope. I know it can be difficult waiting, but all will happen when it is supposed to. How long have you been ttc?


maybebaby - August 9

Finally there is someone who is expressing the sadness and anger that af is bringing along with it lately. Thankyou ann for sharing. I got af this morning but only very light. I hate it i'll be feeling bad day until it decides to come strong and let me start the next cycle at least. I have been ttc for 6 months and every month I had special symptoms. Well thanks for letting me admit that I am miserable too.


anne - August 10

Thanks guys for all of your support. I know that ttc sucks sometimes and yes I will be honest and tell you guys that I have bee trying for 4mths and I know that is not alot. My friend just became pregnant after three yrs of ttc and the second time on invitro. But I wish every month just the same that I am not making the symptoms up in my head. Sorry guys I just have to vent. But at least I had my INXS ROCKSTAR tonight! Anyone else watch it? I love marty. Also, anyone stop the pill like 4 mths. ago ? I did, I have been getting my period since though maybe late by a couple of days or so. Surprised I got it the month after. Last time I went of the pill yrs. ago I did not get period for six mths.. Thanks guys in advance.



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