Sick Of PUSHY People

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d - May 10

Look, if someone does not answer your question right away or at all.It means #1 they dont have an answer #2 they did not read your post # 3 they could not understand your question.#4 Same question asked 500 times. #5 stupid question Also, I'm tired of piggy backers.You know the ones who post their own question on some one elses post. Gee, That felt good to get that out. Baby dust ladies


Casey - May 10

Look I understand your frustration, but I really don't see anything wrong with what anybody is doing on this site. Try and have some patients with these ladies, they are only trying to get thier questions answered. It's very natrual to get anxious when you have a real problem and only want someone, anyone to respond to you. Maybe you haven't been one of those women who didn't get a response so you don't know how they feel. And by the way no question should be called stupid, I'm sure to someone a question you asked may be considered stupid to them. That's why we are here to get info for what we don't know. Goodness, relax!!


thanks!!! - May 10

I agree!


hello - May 10

i am not sure what you mean by pushy.... on this site people are trying to get answers to their questions. it also seems as if a question is not on the first page, then it will not be answered, so do you really blame people for adding comments to their posts so that the question will be were others might read them? Alot of women write here who actually have real fears, so please be polite. That felt also good to say! have a nice evening and good luck to all.


hello again - May 10

and what do you mean piggy backers. if they have a question on the same topic, why not ask the question? I thought this was a forum for discussion!


d - May 11

Figures that the only word people cue in on is stupid? Piggy backers- Ask a different question that has nothing to do with the question asked.they just see people answering the other question so they throw theirs out there.


? - May 11

d what i think that the real issue here is the fact that you are getting upset with women who are asking questions, and then getting upset about it not being answered. it is really upsetting to ask a serious question, and have not one single person respond. in a way the person who posted feels that their question isnt as important as some of the other ones, and how unfortunate it is that a post like this gets so many responses, and then ones who have serious and ligitamate ( sp? lol ) questions seem to get pushed to the side. i think that you are being quite insensative to others needs, and a little judgemental as well. maybe some of the women who post on here have no one else to turn to, and as we all know, we sometimes believe that our problems might seem to be quite urgent. relax, its not like you are loosing sleep over this.


d - May 11

please refer to numbers 1234 that is why questions sometimes do not get answered.I am not putting anyone down.I'm just venting.Goodness


to d - May 11

lol you feel better now lol Ia m so glad .. gl to u


MedicGirl - May 12

I am new here...and we are just beginning this journey of ttc. I would like to think that everyone began as we are beginning at some point or another. I would also like to think that not everyone knew all the answers from the getgo. There are a lot of things that I don't know. I do think that this post was quite rude and uncalled for. Most of the women here are all wanting the same thing, hence the reason we are here night after night. We should be supportive of each other and be helpful whenever we can. I see how many posts are made here in one day...and not everyone goes BACK 10 pages to answer all questions. I personally think the only stupid question is one that is NOT asked. Everyone on this site has impressed me with their friendless and support for each other until I read this post. There....I said my piece..... :-) Prayers for you all!


get out then - May 12

d- if you have such a big problem with the site then get out and find another one!!!!


then get out - May 12

I'm very sorry that my response sounded so mean, but really if we frustrate you so much then why do you keep coming back? Probably because you also want answers and support, well that's why everyone else is here too. Just have patients, we're here to help each other not put each other down. lol. Baby dust to everyone!!!


I was thinking - May 13

I was thinking that maybe the reason why we all get so worked up and maybe get so frustrated even with each other is that ttc can really take an emotional toll on us and sometimes we loose our patients. Ladies we need to try and stick together and give ONLY postive feedback and comments. I know this is frustrating, but lets not take it out on eachother.


FYI2 - May 16

And I know we all make typos when making posts, but it is LOSE patience, not loose patients--loose patients (from a loony bin, that is what we all seem like!!) LOL


hi ya - May 17

I agree with you d, especially points one and two.Lots of nice people here, but lots of pushy ones too.


amybaby - May 18

Hey D......I think your just upset because you probably got another bfn again this month. Anyway, I see that you told someone if they have a problm with the site to find anothere one......Please take your own advice.


to amybaby - May 18

your response to d was not nice. d was not being mean, just venting.



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