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terry - November 19

Is increased cm a sign of pregnancy or oncoming mp? Is there any way to tell the difference?


curious - November 19

I have the same question. Some women did answer that they had cm and found out they were pregnant. But I am not sure if anyone has cm just before a period. It doesn't seem like anyone has it just before a period. I have never had it just before a period.


terry - November 19

I just think that it's strange because all my tests keep coming back negative. I haven't ever kept track of my cm well enough to know when I have it. All I know is that I keep going to the bathroom cause it feels like I'm starting but then it's just ckear.


Alicia - November 21

Hi Girls I am having the same symptoms. I am now 2 days late which is unusal bescause I am like clockwork every month and I keep going to the bathroom and there is nothing there but clear mucus. I have had some nausea but that may be from the vitamins I am taking. I have never been pregnant before so I wouldn't know what it feels like. I don't want to say anything to my husband just yet to get our hopes up and then nothing happens.


Lauren - November 22

I've been wondering about the cm as well, I'm due the 26th, and read that the mucus should dry up after you have ovulated, mine hasn't. Since I ovulated, been clear. I also had some light spotting a week ago and have been quite nauseated! Any thoughts ladies? Don't want to get my hopes up once again. Also anyone know anyone/ or have Chrone's disease and been pregnant. I've had it for years now, and had surgery. I'm wondering if my symptoms are actually Chrones!


ss - November 22

Almost every month I have had cm right before my period. It's annoying because, like you said terry, I think I'm starting but it's just clear. I've not been pregnant before (though worried it might be so now.......)



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