Signs At 10 Dpo

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martygirl - February 3

I'm 10 DPO today and hoping for second child I have had all the symtoms possible ....comes and goes .... really crampy under belly button and had side and lower back cramps too usually my AF cramps are at very low abdomen they are not the same kind anybody in the same boat ????


jesse13185 - February 4



Micky - February 4

DPO - Days past ovulation TTC - Trying to conceive BFN - Big Fat negative BFP - Big fat positive I am sure about BFN and BFP but the others I am just guessing..


jesse13185 - February 4



jessicadru - February 4

I am on day 33, but my cycle is uasually 30-34 days. I am having the same kindof cramps but they are not the same as AF cramps. They are right under my bellyb___ton and they feel like sharp pains not so much cramping. I dont know what that means. Last night i had a beer and it tasted very wierd. Think it is anything. I have listed my other symptoms in other threads. Cramps, b___hy, acne, tired, hungrey, peeed a lot a couple days ago but not so much anymore, thanks


jessicadru - February 4

oh ya, and i have sore b___bs, and last night i got a sharp pain in my nipple?


ladygirl - February 6

I am about 9dpo and having period like cramps but very mild ones have been having them since about 5 dpo but have no idea what they mean if anything. And i've had 4 children i should know but i am trying not to be swayed by wanting to be preg. Also i have been feeling light headed when i stand up i almost lose my vision for a second and then it comes good. Feels like low blood pressure and i have had those symptoms when pregnant before but again i dont want to get my hopes up. Have been a little more tired than usual but more to the point i feel lazy lol just like sitting down and have fallen asleep before i know it at night but that may also be due to some late nights last week...Also ive had ligament pain when i stand up quickly and sometimes when i sneeze which again is something i have experienced in early pregnancy. I will probably do a test on thursday 9th or friday10th and let you all know what it says. Will be interesting... And Martygirl please let us know what your test results are.Good Luck :)



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