Signs But No Positive Hpt

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Meg87 - November 21

So I've been really worried lately because I've been having a lot of the signs of pregnancy, nausea, heightened sense of smell (which started recently and some smells make me more nauseous), br___t tenderness, fatigue, more frequent urination than usual for me, headaches, moodiness, and what feels like menstrual cramping but happens every day for the past 2 weeks. I've taken three pregnancy tests including one this morning and they've all come back negative. The main reason I'm so worried is because I haven't been consistent at all with taking my birth control. I don't remember if I missed any pills last month but I'm sure I did, and just this month I missed a day, took two the next day, then missed the day after that, and then took two the next day. And even if I remember to take them, it's never at the same time. I also took Plan B the night that I took the last set of two pills after missing them. I was thinking the side effects could be from the Plan B, but the cramps started before I took it, and I called my Gyno and talked to one of the nurses and she said that since it's been a week since I took it, I shouldn't still be experiencing symptoms from it. She also said missing that many pills can cause ovulation... so I'm kind of freaking out. My period is due in a week, but last month I didn't get anything till the last day and it was only spotting. I just don't know why I'm feeling this way if I'm not pregnant. Any advice?


NZ_Girl - November 21

taking two contraceptive pills at the same time is stupid for starters, you're overloading your body with hormones. If you miss a day you only need to take one pill because the side affects of taking two is nausea. Take a pregnancy test in another week, maybe you should restart your contraceptive pill in a month to give your body recovery time


mjvdec01 - November 21

Test again the day your period is due. If you get a positive make an appointment with your doctor. Would being pregnant now be a bad thing? Are you married, are you young and still in school?


Meg87 - November 22

It wouldn't be a bad thing... just unplanned. I'm 20 but I'm in a serious relationship with my boyfriend whom I live with, so it's not like we aren't planning on having kids in the future, but we'd just have an early start, I guess. Honestly, I wouldn't be too terribly upset by it., just not what I was planning on.



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