Signs During First Week Of Pregnancy

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cindy - November 10

during first week of possible pregnancy, is it usual to feel pain or cramps in the lower abdomen??


Shalee - November 10

You could be experiencing implatation, how far along are you??


cindy - November 12

shalee, my last menstruation was oct.20, 2004..its just that ive been experiencing lower abdomen pain sometimes down on my you think it is due to implantation??


Audrey - November 12

Many women don't feel anything during implantation. I only had a little bit of spotting and that was it, I didn't start feeling any other symptoms until about a week later, including the cramps and tiredness. If your LMP was Oct. 20th then you certainly might be having early pregnancy symptoms by now.


back pain - November 14

Is back pain also a sign of pregnancy? I am crampy but also have a pretty sore lower back. Thanks!


CHRISTINA - November 14



Kara - November 15

i am 20 and i really want to know how it feel to be pregnant and what i am feeling is it what i think? i had introcourse on nov. 6 2004 and i just got done with my period could i be Pregnant? i was wondering the same thing and now i have some white looking stuff coming out of the b___st and i have had the pain for almost two weeks am i pregnant


anonomous - November 15

i had s_x last night my b/f came in me but i didnt believe him because he had told me this before. but he told me to place my finger in my hole and i will feel his c_m. i felt it it was falling out of me. i feel sick already my stomach hurts and i feel like i have to throw up. i dont no if i am pregnant and nerves will take me to the store and buy like 3 testers.i just wanna no if im pregnant.


Audrey - November 15

Anonomous- If you had s_x only last night you won't notice any pregnancy symptoms (if you do in fact become pregnant) for at least a few days. Nor will a test show anything until you miss a period. It would help to know when your last period started so your fertile window can be determined. If you don't want to become pregnant you need to see a doctor within the next two days to get a morning-after pill.



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