Signs How Early Is Too Early To Get Them

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Lisa - December 14

My husband and I ttc on Dec. 5,6,7,8, due to get my period on 21/22. I've been having the following symptoms: having to urinate a lot (seems to be worse in the late afternoon/evening) br___ts are swollen, heavy really hurt and you can see blue veins all through them. I've been having cramps lower right side since the 9th( probably ovulating) but have gotten a lot better. Also, lower back pain, mood swings, sleeplessness, some dizziness, and feeling sick to my stomach which comes and goes. I just feel like I'm on my period but that's not till the Dec. 21/22. So, could I be pregnant?? or very early signs of PMS??


johanna - December 14

hi lisa- i'm in the same boat. we ttc on dec. 1, 2, and 3, and almost immediately i got bloated and was very ga__sy. and i was super thirsty. a few days later my b___sts got really heavy and i could see the veins. and yesterday, that would be 9-10 dpo (days post ovulation) i had period-like cramps all night. today, 10-11 dpo, the earliest time to test, it came out negative. but the heavy b___sts seem to be such a positive sign. my husband hardly recongnized them. i hope you are pregnany! fingers crossed!


J - December 14

I have not had as many symptons as you but the dates are very close to mine. I started to feel sick from Dec 4th (anytime of the day) and my nipples have been sensitive since the 9th and I noticed last night that my nipples have turned slightly white (have no idea what that is. My husband and I are ttc also and I will be due my af same time as you. I posted an item on Sunday and received some advice to take a hpt as I'm not to sure if my last af was a real one or not. Will try tomorrow but I think its far to early to get a true result, but will try anyway. Keep me posted on how you are getting on or any advice you may get.


kaalu - December 14

hii lisa, i'm also due on december 21. i'm also having following symptoms like cramping, sensitive nipple, tired and my husband are trying for two months.. do anybody think i'm pregnant?please pray for me.. and good luck everybody..


Grandpa Viv - December 14

You are all doing well, with encouraging early signs a week before a possible period. Save you money and don't test until a week after missing. Good luck!


Lisa - December 14

Thanks to everybody who responded. It's great to talk to people who are in the same situation.Well, I went to the doctor's this afternoon. I started to tell him my symptoms and first thing he asked is are you pregnant? I didn't even get through half of my symptoms. He decided to due a blood test. I thought it would be too early to test but he said you can test as early as 7 days after ovulation. I'm trying not to get my hopes up just in case I'm not. I should have the results by Thursday at the latest. If I'm not there's alway next month. Johanna- Do you see the veins throughout your body too? I have noticed them above my b___sts, on my hands/wrists,around my pelvic area/thighs and on my stomach. J- I would got to the doctor and get a blood test done because you'll have to get one done eventually to confirm any pregnancy. The blood test will be more acurate than a home pregnancy test. Good Luck to everybody and let's keep each other posted. Take care.


Cori - December 14

I have the same symptoms and am 4 days late for my period, I have lower back pain, hot flashes, dizziness, mild cramps, and feel like I should start but haven't. I think I am pregnant and will see my gyno Thurs.


johanna - December 15

hey lisa -yup, veins on wrists and legs and stomach and hips. but the home pregnancy test i took today are all negative. am super nervous! let me know about the blood test, okay? GOOD LUCK!


J - December 15

Hi Lisa, its good to know that it may be good news for you, I will keep my fingers tighly crossed for you. I did the test and as I guessed it come out negative, may make that appointment next week. Keep in touch and let us know your result when you receive it (we will all be hoping its good news for you both).


johanna - December 16

any news, lisa? keeping my fingers crossed. i'm due tomorrow or saturday, and i just hope AF stays away. i'm going nuts here. tested negative this morning, but i'm still hopeful, because of all the veins and the heavy b___sts....


Jay - December 16

Hi guys - ME TOO! My hubbie and I had ttc on December5 only - but my period is due on the 20th. This would be my fourth child - but my youngest is 10, so hard to remember what it is like to be pregnant. What I do remember is my nipples being really tender...just the nipples though. I had mild period cramps then....but HOLY COW - I have had severe cramps yesterday, and mild today - but still no AF. Just wondering, for those of you who have cramps, what do you rate them on the pain scale (1 is the least pain and 10 being the most pain?)


johanna - December 16

hi jay-- i'd say the one day of weird cramps i had, which i am hoping was implantation, were a 6 or a 7 on a scale of 1-10. yours? AF is due tomorrow, so fingers crossed that she doesn't show up. good luck everyone!


Jay - December 16

Hi Johanna - Is this your first child? I took a hpt today - negative. I wonder how acurtate it is - although it says it can read them 4 days earlier, it makes me wonder. Seems most people here are getting negatives when they take it early. Just wondering if anyone out there is in their 30's - I wonder if it is more difficult to conceive when you are older? How long has everyone been trying while keeping accurate results of their ovulaton cycle????? I am very curious - trying to prepare myself if I do not conceive right away. Good luck Johanna - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)


Hope35 - December 16

Hi Johanna - I am 35 and my husband and I are on our 1st month TTC. You may have seen several of my posts. I am using the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor to help. We TTC on my 2 days of ovulation, and I am now just waiting as well. Good Luck, just wanted to let you know that there are others out there!


johanna - December 16

i'm 27 years old, and this is our third month of trying. i used an ovulation predictor kit and saw my LH surge, and we ttc the day i noticed the surge, and the following 3 days afterwards. so the timing certainly was right. age can make a difference, but i think there are so many factors involved. each month there is only a 25% chance of conceiving. in terms of hpt: a lot of people don't get positive results for a few days until after their AF was supposed to arrive. in the waiting game together, i guess! nice to know there are others as well... i'll be gone for the holiday break and away from the computer starting tomorrow afternoon, but i'll write in january, regardless. be in touch, and good luck!


Lisa - December 17

Hi Johanna, No results yet. I'm not happy!!! My doctor and his secretary failed to inform me that they would be closed early on Thursday and not reopening until Monday the 20th. I even called thursday morning told them who I was and asked when they would be getting the results in. You know it was hard enough to wait the 2 days for the results but to find out you have to wait another 4 days!!!. I can't even put into words how I felt when I found out. Don't you think they would of at least told me at my appt. on tuesday. Anyway,I got another sign yesterday morning when I went to the bathroom. I had some spotting not much and nothing today. That would be 8-9 dpo. I do spot most months 2-3 days prior but not 6 days before AF. Hopefully its sign of implantation. Any new signs for you?


johanna - December 17

hi lisa. this'll probably be my last post before the holidays, since i leave tomorrow to visit my folks. but keep me posted here, and i'll check here in january. i'm sorry about the doctor's office. how incredibly frustrating, and waiting until monday is really annoying. AF is due today, so keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't show up. i'm so nervous. no other symptoms, but the usual pre-AF cramps (and a meltdown yesterday, crying, because i was so nervous and wanting to get pregnany to badly). spotting 6 dpo is not a bad sign at ALL. i hope it is implantation spotting. usually they say implantation spotting or cramping happesn 7-10 dpo, with normal variation, so that could definitely be it.... let us hope for the best! hang in there. a question: do the veins change for you? sometimes, mine are darker. sometimes lighter. and sometimes i see one vein in one place on my b___st, and sometimes it is a different vein. does this happen to you? happy holidays!



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