Signs No Period Two Negative Tests

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cn_neumann - May 18

My husband and I have been trying for our last child (number three) He works overseas for Halliburton so, we only get to try every four months, so I chart my cycle closly. According to the test, I was ovulating the first day of his visit. I was having br___t tenderness all of last week and was very very nauseous every evening. I bought an early result pregnancy test five days before my period was due and it was negative. I was due for my period two days ago, I've taken two tests, they are both negative. What could be going on? I'm only 24, so I'm too young for it to be a major other problem. Any input?


Saird - May 18

It could be just too early still. Most tests, although they say the can detect it the day of missed AF or earlier, are better taken a week after missed AF. Good luck to you.


hara2326 - May 18

girl, the same thing with me i have some of the signs, i took a early preg. test and e.p.t and both were negative but i still havent gotten my period yet. if you find someone whos in a similar situation please let me know!


madison - May 18

well i am the same as you all- 5 days late and have taken 3 hpt's and all were negative. my dr. had me come in for a blood test today to check to see if i have any hcg or if my progesterone is low. this is very confusing! my friends say keep waiting that i could still be pregnant, but i really doubt it. how could a test not show up positive until a week late? anyone ever have that happen, get a positive a week late, after getting negatives?


autumn85 - May 19

yea same here except that i am 13 days late and 3 negative test! it's driving me crazy! i have had what i think are a few signs but i am not counting on anything until i get a + result!


Emma2 - May 19

Some women show a positive later but the majority will at this point. Major problems have noting to with being too young. Anything can happen to anyone .....Anyhoo, I would wait a few more days and try testing again..if you still get no + and no AF ...Get to your dr. for a blood test. Good Luck.


Clarissa23 - May 19

i have a similar experience...with all 3 of my kids hpts did not come positive until i was about 9 weeks or so...i believe i am pregnant with #4 right now but again am getting negatives as well


LadyD - May 22

Sounds like everyone is in the same I am on cd38, I have a 32 day cycle, af is never this late. This is the longest it's ever been in my 24 yrs. on this planet! Only signs I have of anything is this "drip" feeling and ga__sy, bbs slightly sore, too. I took a couple tests last week that all came back negative but I know when I was pg with my daughter, I did not have any symptoms so I still have hope.



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