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acidrain - January 24

Hi! My name is Lee. I've been having these weird burping and farting frequently within the last few days. I remember about 2 weeks ago, on the last day of my period, my boyfriend try to put his p__s into me, but he did not c_m or anything (he did not use protection either). and the 2nd time, after a week of my period, my boyfriend used protection and c_m. i'm so worried that i get pregnant. but i'm not quite sure if the chance is high. please help! P.S.: this is just the 2nd week so i'm not sure if i'm missing a period, and i don't have any other signs other than burping frequently and farting.


faithhopelove - January 24

Lol, it could of been something you ate that could cause that. If you do miss your period within the next 2 weeks, take a test. Dollar store ones work fine. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - January 24

Lee, let's get some dates here - tell us the correct dates if I guess wrong. Last period began Fri, Jan 4. You had s_x Wed Jan 9 and again Wed Jan 16. Suppose ovulation was a couple days early Jan 16, then signs beginning Jan 21 fit the picture. Unusually ga__sy, either end, is a sign of pregnancy caused by excess hormones acting on the gut. Other signs may include unusual fatigue, peeing more, wet down there, appet_te etc. I hope that on that second occasion he did not have his p___s in you without a condom, either before or after the main event. Let us hope that your excess hormones are caused by the stress of s_xual experimentation. Test if a normal period does not show by the time it is a week overdue. Good luck!


acidrain - January 24

Hi Grandpa Viv. I started my period around Jan. 10, and on the last day of my period which was Jan. 15 or so, my boyfriend tried to put his p___s in me, he did not wear any protection and did not c_m. so after a week, he tried it again using protection. he told me that i'm unlikely to get pregnant and it is unscientific if i get pregnant if we did that on the last day of my period. but i'm not persuaded by his explanation because of the signs i'm having right now.....


jezebel1018 - January 24

the chances are slim to none



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