Signs Of Preganancy

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Confused - February 2

My br___ts and nipples have been enlarged and I have bumps around my nipple area. I have gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks and I exercise regularly and have not changed my eating habits at all and my stomach is "big" to me. I have been having pains in my abdomen area and alot of headaches. I went the the doctor 2 weeks ago for another reason and she did a blood test including checking for pregnancy, but it came back negative and I had a "period" but it lasted only 2 days and usually is 4-5. I am tired very frequently. If I am not pregnant, what else could this be??


Jessica - February 2

I'm almost in the same boat as u, but a little different. I think I concevied around the 1st week in Jan. which was right around the time I had my period. About 2 weeks after, I started feeling like I was pregnant. Stomach started getting harder, pants were fitting tighter, but I still didn't gain any weight! I just decided to wait to see if my period started on Jan. 30.....& it did, although it was not a normal period for me. So it has now been 5-6 weeks & I feel sooo preg....but I got my period on time. I just got off it this morning & it useally lasts 5-6 days. My stomach has gotten even harder in the last few days, mainly my belly b___ton area. I also have the bumps around my nipples, I just noticed this last night!!! Sounds like we are going through the same thing. I have not had any kind of pains though, not even any cramps when I had my period tyhis past Sunday. So anything going on new with u? Found out anything else?


Ewilliams - February 2

well I feel the same way i just haven't weny to the doctor yet my stomach has been hurting and it's a little hard I had unprotected s_x 5 times with my boyfriend his pre-nut got inside me I didn't know you could get pregnant from pre nut but i think i may be preg i am a little scared can you tell me some of your symptons youve already had


kim - February 2

So the bumps around the nipples...are they there all the time or do they just come when the woman gets preggo?


Scared - February 2

Okay, what is happening to me is kind of what is happening to both of you, but i haven't got my period, usually it is late, it depends if i had a hard month or not, thats why im not "too scared" it was suppose to come around the 26th-28th. and its already the second, im not scared because this has happened before, but im getting more discharge now, and its more yellow ( gross huh) but maybe explaining myself you guys could help me out, im not sure how old the rest of you are, but im only 17...another scary thought, ive been in a 2 and a half yr relationship with my bf, and things are thats a bright side...but, im still in high school...anyways, im getting sharp pains in my stomach sometimes, but its ok now, i feel like i have to go to the bathroom, but its hard, by b___bs are bigger, im not sure if this is all in my head because im freaked out, or is this is really happening. well, should i wait, or take a pregnancy test? help me out!


Confused - February 2

In response to Jessica, a couple of other signs is that I am having a slight itch almost like a yeast infection (gross, I know), but I don't know what else could have caused that. And, to Kim, my bumps started to appear about 2 weeks ago and they have not gone down at all.


em - February 3

SCARED- you should definitely take a pregnancy test. The sooner you find out, the sooner you can prepare yourself for whatever it is that you decide to do. Waiting does not help any thing. Besides the test don't cost that much. By the way, have you spoken to your boy friend about this?


just wondering about jessica - February 3

jessica when was your last period? the reason im asking is everytime i am on you are saying that you have the same symptoms as everyone not being mean,,im concerned because you have been on here for awhile with all these symptoms with no BFP... have you gone to a doctor yet? maybe you have had symptoms a long time...goodluck to you...keep us posted


symptoms,,,dont think so - February 3

you are wishing to be pregnant way to much jess, it definatly sounds like you are NOT have had 2 periods and you are looking for symptoms and your brain can play funny head games with you..and can make you really think you are advice to you is to not look for any symptom and stay away from the boards (they will make you think your pregnant ,(BELIEVE ME) enjoy ttc and keep yourself busy and watch and see will become pregnant.. hoping for the best for you....


Scared - February 3

To, EM...yes i did tell my boyfriend about it, and he is 20, so to him is not such a big life change as it would be to me. I would have to drop out, etc. He would be extremely happy, but the thing is, this has happened before, and i found out that i wasnt. but its never been a whole week i dont think, maybe its caused from stress because i just had midterms the week i was suppose to get my period. i mean,i love babies, i wanna have a career that involves taking care of the, but thats the thing, i want a future for myself before i have a family, i would love to have a kid now, i always use to say that, but now that it kinda hit me, im very worried, i dont think it was such a smart idea, but NO i would NEVER EVER have an abortion, so, i would have a baby at 17 if this is what it ends up to be. 1week 2 days late and counting....ugh...oh yah, i kinda want to wait before i take the test, because if a week goes by and still nothing, then ill kinda know for sure, and ill already have had the idea in my head, for the whole thing of going to buy a test, taking it, coming out positive, breaks me out, too much all at once, thats why im putting it off...not smart huh?


Jessica - February 3

My last period was Jan.30....not normal in the begining. I am having no pains what so ever....but I can tell my stomach is geting harder! It's true I may not be pregnant BUT something is going on!! I haven't been to a doc yet. I know I really need to! But whats making me think I am is my stomach is still getting harder, feels weird when I lay down (same as last pregnancy) & just the last few days I noticed the bumps around my nipples were different...stand out more kinda wrinkly sometimes. I do believe that sometimes women can trick themselves into thinking they are preg, but like I said "there is something getting hard in my stomach" & my hubby also noticed the bumps on my nipples. When I was preg last time, I had my 1st period after getting preg, but it all happened in the same night. He came inside, then about 5 hours later I started my period. So yeah that was a bit different. I have heard that some women have their period all through the pregancy, some women, only get it at first, & the rest don't get any periods after getting preg. If I don't go to the doc......then Im just gonna wait till next month!!! Good Luck to every one!!!


AnGeL - February 4

My Mother didn't test pos. with me untill she was 2 1/2 months preg. She said she knew she was pregnant, took many hpt's, & even a blood test from the Dr....all came out neg till then!!! Also, my best friend how is 6 months preg now, didn't test pos untill she was 1 1/2 along!?!?!? So I don't know what's going on here with all these neg results & ladies still end up being pregnant!!!!!! Good Luck To All Of You!!!



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