Signs Of Pregnacy

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Anoynomus - September 9

Hi, I was wondering if a sign of pregnacy is the change in your cervical mucus. I noticed yesturday that my mucus was very clear and stretched kinda like when you ovulate but there was more of it so much that when it first occured I though I had started my period. I already have ovulated and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. It has only been 14 days since ovulation. I appreciate any input that any of you may have. I feel it's to early to have signs but I guess every women is different.


Viv - September 8

Quote: Pregnancy is a progesterone-dominated time: the mucus is thick, tacky, poorly stretchable. Concurrent with cervical mucus, the v____al walls secrete moisture. This secretion is often white, milky, variable in consistency. This is from


anoynomus - September 9

thanks for the web site so from what I understand you do have a change in your cervical mucus. Right? thanks again


Heather - October 2

I have the same question because I had the exact same type of mucus you described. But, I'm only 2 days past ovulation (I guess I'm over-eager)! Did you find anything else out about this? Thanks.


Candy - October 20

I don't quote know to much about this cervical mucus. I would think it have a lot to do with are body going to changes. I suggest you see your doc on that. It's very important that we keep up on are self.


E - October 20

Progesterone does not significantly increase till much later in pregnancy. Even at 10 weeks post ovulation, progesterone has barely doubled from 20 ng/ml to 40 ng/ml in a pregnant woman. The high is ~ 170 ng/ml. Pull up a chart and you will see. CM is not a reliable sign of early pregnancy as it can differ in women. Me for example, had no stretchy, clear mucous during ovulation and my CM stayed the same (scant) until around 10 weeks pregnant. At 2-4 weeks pregnant, one just cannot use CM as a sign. Most of these pregnancy symptom sites are completely categorical. A missed period is your best sign. The other symptoms have too many possible explanations. In all 3 of my pregnancies, I felt exactly as I did right b4 a period.


Jo - October 20

Anon- i had the same thing. I am currently 14 dpo, period due today- nothing so far (yea). had alot of cramping last night.........isn't it a little late in my cycle for implantation cramping?


Me too - October 20

Heather, I had the same thing 2 days past O. It was a lot of it. I was confused at the time. The wetness still has not gone away and I am 17 dpo and just found out I am pg. So for some woman I would say this is a sign. Like all preg symptoms, some woman get some and others do not have any at all.


Meg - October 22

Yeah, I know what you're feeling! I'm supposed to get my period today, but it's not here yet. I have CM much like when I get my period. However, I just keep telling myself to not be so eager and to wait a little longer---I don't want to get too excited and then be let down.



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