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firechild - November 18

Me and My Hubby have been trying to get pregnant for ten months now. I know it can easily take up to a year to "get lucky" and concieve so I'm not worried but I can't say that I'm not a little heart broken every month. What I'm wondering is if anyone out there ever had signs like loss of appet_te, diarrhea, and little sharp pains in the abdomen (more like tightness). I don't feel pregnant but then again, how do I know what pregnacy feels like! If anyone could give me an idea about whether you "felt" pregnant and whether you "knew" only days after ovulation please let me know. Thanks!


firechild - November 19

I want to bump up my question, but I also forgot to mention that I get slight pains in my sides, more towards my lower back. If anyone can help.... thanks


Audrey - November 19

When was your last period? If you've missed one you can take a home pregnancy test. The symptoms you are describing don't sound like pregnancy to me, but it's hard to say because every woman feels differently. I suggest you speak to your doctor if you haven't already.


firechild - November 19

No I haven't had a missed period I am due for one next friday. I'm just so impatient because we have been trying for so long. And of course it seems everyone around me is getting pregnant right away. I just hate getting my hopes up only to have them dashed against the rocks when "she" turns up.


signs - November 19

Hello, well when I didn't know I was pregnant (but was) i remember having fullness in the bladdar. I was getting up during the night to go to the bathroom which I never did. Also it was a little uncomfortable to have s_x in certain positions. (It was like he went to deep-though before those positions never hurt) I had period like symptoms, light cramping, discharge, b___st tenderness, moodiness. So I was thinking it was my period. good luck! oh yeah, I had diarrhea quite a bit in the beginning of my pregnancy. keep us posted. by the way when are you due for your period, if you get one?


firechild - November 19

I am due for my period next week (Friday). I am always regularly (almost down to the time!) so if Saturday comes and still no Period I will take a test. I'm really just wondering if there is any way of knowing that you are pregnant before your missed period. My friends keep telling me that they knew right away. They just "felt" it. Well I don't "feel" it but then maybe I am trying to hard to "feel" it. I don't know... I just hate this waiting game!



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