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Megray - June 4

Hello everyone. My calendars said I should have ovulated on June 1st, however I felt like it happened on the 27th for some reason, I just felt off that day. So, my question it possible if I ovulated on the 27th or 28th that I am experiencing symptoms right now? My symptoms are nausea at all times of the day, broader and darker nipples, very tired - more than usual and I just went to the bathroom and noticed a "glob" like ball of ewcm come out and drop into the toilet which I have never had before. Sorry if TMI! If O happened when I think it did this would be 7 days past. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have posted on other threads before, DH and I have been TTC for a while now. Thanks everyone! Good luck to all.


LadyD - June 5

Megray, it's possible to Ov a couple days earlier than expected or a couple days later. I believe there is a window of a few days in which you can Ov. Hope you bd'd in time and good luck.


Amy0805 - June 5

Hey thats weird that you say that you had a "glob" like ball of eucm come out because the same thing happened to be a couple days after my period ended and i had unprotected s_x.But i think i ovulated around then too but it was just weird though, and now im 16 days late for my period but not sure whats going on because i got a neg. hpt a week and and i only have sore b___bs for the last 5 days . so not sure yet whats going on . good luck to you


Amy0805 - June 5

sorry i meant to say got a negative hpt a week ago .


jldaniels - June 5

Megray and Amy, When you saw this "glob" you did not have s_x recently did you? I'm asking because after me and my husband have s_x sometimes his c_m won't come out immediately. Sometimes its like the next morning or a few hours later.


Megray - June 5

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments! LadyD, I never know when I ovulate yet because I am new to this tracking/charting process, but I know in April I felt pains around the 1st and all my calendars online say the 1st. I do believe it happened sooner. I will see, I hope it happened in time also! Amy0805 - keep me posted, how long have you been ttc? When is AF expected for you? Maybe this will be your month!! jdaniels- I saw the "glob" early morning on June 4th and the last time we had tried was late on the 1st, so I am not too sure that is what this was from, but I have had what you described happen. You keep me posted as well. Good luck to everyone!


Lin - June 6

It's definitely possible that you've actually ovulated *late*, and the ewcm was due to ovulation.


Grandpa Viv - June 6

Fatigue, nausea, nipple changes, gooey glob all occur in other posts. How about unusually ga__sy, emotional, light headed and peeing more? Keep your fingers crossed and test first pee Sunday and again a week later. Good luck with the TTC project!


jldaniels - June 8

Megray, Its not unusual to ovulate earlier or later. I always have 28 day cycles and I was under the impression if you have a 28 day cycle you O on the 14th day so me and dh will start trying around that time. This cycle I actually used the O test strips and found out I was ovulating earlier than thought. I mean, it is very well possible you could've O'd earlier. According to how you described your nipples that could very well be a sign of Pregnancy. Hope so. Jamie


jldaniels - June 8

By the Megray, Even if did not ovulate when you thought it doesn't mean you cannot be pregnant. Girl sperm (cannot remember if its X or Y) has been known to live in a women's body for up to 16 days depending on your cm and your body temp.


Megray - June 8

Thanks jldaniels for your response. All the best to you also. Keep me posted on your situation too. I didn't know that about the "girl"sperm...


jldaniels - June 9

Yeah, my midwife informed me of that. Told me that the girl sperm lives a while and boy sperm has only been known to live up to 48 hours but it swims faster than girl sperm so if your trying to conceive a boy they say wait until ovulation so the boy can swim faster and fertilize the egg instantly. Girl sperm will wait a while for the egg to be released. Sounds like real life. Men do things on an impulse and women are more patient. hehe


Megray - June 9

Hello again everyone! Jldaniels - that is so funny and true! I am having a stretching/pulling and heavy feeling in my stomach and lower abdomen today. Does anyone know what this may be? Also, I felt all day as though I was temping and still have the other symptoms listed before. I am about 10-11 dpo right now. Is it too early to test? I am trying hard to wait because I have had months of heartache. Thanks!


Lin - June 9

jldaniels, I'd like you to point me toward ANY medical literature that says that sperm can live up to 16 days. 2 days is the average (for ALL sperm), and 7 is already off the tail end of the distribution. Your midwife doesn't know what she's talking about. Megray - what does it mean to feel as though you were temping?



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