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confusedabit - April 28

I started to feel odd this weds. I ovulated on the 20th(most fertile day) and i started feeling like i was having my period wed, cramps, but yet no period, and it would be too early cuz im not suppose to have it till next thurs (about 5 days from now) and i had a little spotting (red) I am confused i dont know whats going on


snugglybugglys - April 28

Well to me it sounds like Implation cramping/spotting. I had the cramping with this pregnancy, and spotting with my first. And with my first it was almost a week before I was supposed to I thought it was coming early...nope I was prego with baby #1! :) And this time I had the cramping around the same time -the spotting and tested at 10 DPO got a BFP! Good luck! :)


LN030905 - April 28

Hey snuggly...when u were cramping, did u get anything that felt like someone pokin or pinching around down there?


confusedabit - April 30

I was wondering is it too early for me to test to see if i am? (my next period is suppose to start thursday) Or should i just go ahead and buy one and wait a couple of days? Please answer.


Saird - April 30

OKay, I was wondering this too- because I'm on CD38 ( I can have 40 days cycles sometimes) but I had pinkish tinged CM on CD20, then around CD30 I had some brown spotting and now today I had some more pinkish tinged CM only when wiping. I never have this. I'm wondering if this is it....anyone else had this?


snugglybugglys - April 30

Yeah it hurt pretty bad...but I am a whimp anyway with pain. With my first baby I thought I was having an apendicitis (sp?) This time it was just really crampy. Like the day I tested, I was like well I'm probably going to start so maybe I won't test. But I couldn't handle myself and did it anyway! :) I used dollar tree by the way!! Yeah I would wait to test a few more days.


tas - April 30

i have a question to i ovulated on the 26th and had unprotected s_x. i have also had some cramping on the 29th. which is only three days after ovulation. can anyone give me some ideas. i am going crazy i am due for af on the 12th of may.


Lin - April 30

Cramping 3 days after O is unlikely to be due to pregnancy. How do you know that you ovulated on the 26th? Are you temping?


Nell143 - May 1

I am having cramping but it comes and goes... very ga__sy I ws thinking normal af but it isn't due until the 4th.... I have never been more than 1 day early. Do you think it is possible?


confusedabit - May 5

My Period was supposed to start Thursday, I had thought i was starting cuz i started getting the cramps i had been a week ago.. But everytime i checked I found nothing.. Now I'm 1 day late and everytime i go to the bathroom its just this clearish white discharge..I am really confused about what might be going on


Lin - May 5

Take a test! That will tell you!



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