Skin Colour Change Is This A Sign

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Lisa - December 17

I have been having a lot of different signs for the past week. A/f due Dec.21/22. What I have noticed today is that the area where your uterus would be is dark and it's like in the shape of a triangle. It starts about 2 inches below belly button, goes right across to almost the pelvic bones on either side and then straight down. Also, noticed my belly button looks like its bruised just around the top. Has anybody had this happen to them??


Lisa - December 18

I don't have the 'triangle' thing - but my belly b___ton started to look 'bruised' last Monday, and now it's a yucky brown colored ring all the way around. Plus, three days ago I notice a line starting from my belly b___ton going south. I have two kids already, and the same thing happend with those two. My belly b___ton looks 'Dirty' and 'Gross' looking. Does yours look like that yet? I tested neg on a 'Yes or No' blood test last Thursday, but I took (yet) another hpt this past Thursday night and got a faint positive withing one minute of testing. It sure does sound like you and I are pg. Is this something that you want? If it is, then I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how everything turns out for you.


Grandpa Viv - December 18

Interesting posts. The LInea Nigra (dark line going down from the belly b___ton) is usually a second trimester phenom. Darkening of skin is not uncommon, usually the areola first. I'm trying to imagine these descriptions being related to vasculature changes similar to the veins that appear in the b___sts and the v____a and sometimes the hips. That figures for the bruised belly b___ton, but not for the dark triangle. Other input?


E - December 18

My linea n did not appear until late in my second trimester, and I have a medium/olive complexion. I do not think it is the most reliable sign for pregnancy, especially before a period is due. Good luck:)



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