Small Cramps Af Over After Only 2 Days But Temps Down

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Jen - April 15

Any one else experience this? Could I be pregnant with the low temps?


BCGal - April 15

I'm wondering the same thing my af was over aweek ago but i have cramps and light spotting its never happened before! anyone ever experience this before?


stacey - April 15

great question I asked that too. B/c technically your temp would go down for af- I think regardless if pregnant or not...but don't know what it would do after. Do you belong to for charting- they have a VIP section where you can ask them questions if you're a member.


emily - April 16

I asked this question before too but I think the answer is no. I have now ovulated again and temps have risen again. I also had a strange period, bloating, cramps, all sorts of stuff but now I know it wasn´t pregnancy. The temps are the key.


stacey - April 16

so, if you're pregnant and get an af- your temps stay up?


Jen - April 17

I know if you are preg your temps stay up, so when they dropped with AF I a__sume that I am not. I have not tested, but am pretty sure I am not. Still have symptoms though....just my luck


stacey - April 17

don't feel bad, I do too. Still having poking feeling in belly, headaches, backaches and tender b___sts. sigh :(


emily - April 17

Yeah. Temps stay up if you´re pg. You may get a dip or a spike if it´s implantation. And don´t let the other signs fool you. I´ve had sore b___sts and twinges/ cramps for a whole cycle now. (ooh, there goes one, lol) The only REAL signs are missed af and high temps!!


stacey - April 17

d__n! but thanks :) It's good to have a reality check! Glad I temp or I'd be in trouble!


emily - April 18

No worries. I always know when the temps go down, then the waiting´s over! xx


Michelle - April 19

I have a question. i've heard that your temps go down the day before or the day of AF. My temp didn't go down until day 3 of AF. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? What does it mean?



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