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rachael - February 21

my husband and i are trying to concieve our first child, and yesterday he told me he knows im pregnant not even knowing that i was already one day late. i asked him why he said that and he said when he went down on me it smelled and tasted different and he knows im pregnant. i havnt taken a test but i have those little white bumps on my nipples like you all have been talking about. i was wondering if any of you have had this syptom as well and when is the most accurate time to take a pregnancy test. thanks!


a bit gross... - February 21

Hey, that's a bit gross , but u seem to have the cheapest HPT ever !! LOL Of course this one u can't find it in the stores !


sara - February 21

I really don't know anything about the tasting part LOL!!! Especially since the last few weeks I haven't had the urge for any playtime. But It definately had a kind of sweet sent down there for a while. I can't really explain it. But it went away after a few days. Good luck to you both!!!!!


Kaila - February 21

hey yeah, my boyfriend said i smelled down there too, but i dunno if i am or not? and NOTHING really seemes too work to get the smell away *embarrised giggle*


dasiy - February 21

No thats not really gross just a legite question, When your hormone levels are rising when your pregnant it causes a change of things in your body and body odors are one of them.Good luck to ya!


rachael - February 21

thanks guys, i was a little insulted by the gross comment when i read it. but the rest of you seem very supportive, and when you deal with babies you have to keep in mind nothing is gross. anyways, thanks guys for the comments and good luck to you too.


Grandpa Viv - February 21

And the distaff side is that your husband may start smelling bad! When you get pg. you switch from liking pheromones different from your own to liking pheromones similar.


Sorry - February 22

Aww...sorry Rachael i didn't mean to insult u at all with the gross statement, i guess i didn't realise how insensitive i would be by saying that. But i have read women saying the exact same thing as u , so i suppose ppl around us perceive more things than we might can.Good luck to u anyway !


cant resist - February 23

can anyone smell somthing fishy going on here lol


Spring - February 23

sometimes I do sometimes I don't smell fishy I don't know what that mean but yes it if owful


Sophie - February 23

Hey Rachael, my hubby said the exact same thing! It's apparently nothing like usual, and we've been together for almost 5 years! Sure enough, I was preggo! 11wks tomorrow. So, if mine was right (and he usually isnt LOL) then I'm pretty certain yours must be! I'll keep my fingers crossed x


bumpmaster - February 25

bump bump bump


jenny - February 25

I noticed like a chlorine smell, but thats all, and the doc said that I don't have any infections, just sometimes the body changes when preggers.


Tia - February 25

Wow... you defo have to keep us posted on that one!!! right before everyones af is due we'll all be asking our husbands that one if hes ***babydust to y'all***


me 2 - February 25

hey all, ive also had an unusual smell, smells abit like sweat but not sweat,, ok so i know that doesnt make ne sense at all but its the only way i can explain it n it dont matter how much i washed or put deoderant on the smell wouldnt go away, i also have sicky feeling bad b___bs n back , peein n sleeping alot aswell, last af jan21st nxt af feb 26th ovulated on 11th feb n boyfriend n i were very active.. wat r my chances of AF NOT SHOWING


okay and.... - February 25

Speaking of smells my friend is preg. and she noticed that things smelled different to her too but not her body.. Like for example she smelled her milk and thought it was bad so she threw it out and then bought another one at the store that smelled bad too. Then she noticed that everything smelled funny then she found out she was preg. Anyone else?


C` - March 2

Jenny, the chlorine smell did your doctor say that is normal when you are pregnant? Are you pregnant? The reason is I was suppose to start my period two days ago and all I've been smelling is a chlorine smell. Weird. Let me know. Thanks



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