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Kerri - March 11

Hi all, What's the word with all of you since we were due Mar 5 for a/f??? and also anyone else I may have missed and are still waiting? I'm still in the same boat as I had spotting about 6 days early and still not sure if I am preg or not. I took the First Response Early test and came back neg on day a/f was due. Now trying to chart BBT's and stuff but its hard as I'm not sure what to do there but all I know is my temp is on the steady rise (is that good)? Let me know how you ladies are doing and we'll get another post going for say around the end of March. Good luck to all and lots of baby dust to u all!!


Smiley - March 11

HEY GIRLS!!! I havent seen that old bat yet!! :) i am excited. I feel ALOT of symptoms. My man is working out of town & i am going to meet him tonight, so i will get a test on my way. I am 4 days past due for af. I am ALWAYS regular. I will keep you posted! BABY DUST TO ALL ~~~~********~~~~~~~*******


tiffani - March 11

Hi ladies. Kerri~ I know nothing about BBT, but I do recall a lot of women getting excited when their temps rise, so hopefully it's a good sign for you. Why not test again since it's been a few days? :o) Smiley~ Lots of symptoms and no af, sounds encouraging. Don't make us wait all weekend for your hpt results. I can't believe you were able to wait this long, I started testing 5 minutes after we had s_x. Lol. I got a BFP on March 1st. Yeah!!! I really hope you ladies can join me.


Kerri - March 11

Hi Smiley, That is the best news I've heard all day and please, please let me know when you find out. My h/b and I got in a major argument at lunch time and I don't know if I will even try again TTC. All I wanted him to do was call the ob gyn that I had an appt with today to see if my symptoms were enough for me to go in and check (his office is out of town and thought why waste his time if he thinks that I'm not preg) if I'm preg and then my h/b forgot to hang up the phone and I heard him saying in the background, "why in the F&*% do I have to call and see if she should go in, its her appointment and she should take care of it". So when I said "Hello, Hello" he hung up and didn't realize the phone was off the hook and I heard what he said. So when he called back I said don't worry I'm cancelling the appointment and hung up and then he called me back a few minutes later trying to explain and when I said, "its done with and I'm not going", he told me we would talk when I got in from lunch. When I got in the door he started yelling at me about it and then I really got p__sed off and cancelled the appt as I said, it was him who wanted a baby so all I wanted was for him to ask a simple few questions and it turns into a battlefield and if I would have known sooner about it I would have never asked. So I'm not sure what I want to do now but seeing your post has really brightened my day. Like I said please let me know what you find out. Man I will be praying really hard for you and lots of luck and baby dust asap!!! P.S. Sorry for venting I just had to get it out but now I'm still in the same boat as before still not sure in my case which I know is my fault since I cancelled the appointment mainly out of anger.


Kerri - March 12

Hi Smiley, What's the word, any news yet????


Kerri - March 13

Smiley, The suspense is killing me any word or news yet? Nothing much here except according to my BBT my temp is on the rise hopefully that maybe good news!


bump - March 14



Kerri - March 15

Hi Smiley, Well any word yet and hope all is well with you!!!


tiffani - March 15

Smiley.... Where are you??? Kerri~ Have you tested again? I had my doctors appointment and got my due date of Oct. 26th. My periods were wierd around conception time, so my due date may change to Nov. 15th. We just have to wait until my first ultrasound on April 8th to find out the "real" due date. ***** Baby dust to you ladies! ******


Kerri - March 15

Hi Tiffani, I'm going tomorrow to a gyn because my temps have been in the 97.0-97.5 Farenheit range and was told that it would be a good idea to go see a specialist. If you read my post to Smiley about my hubby and I getting into an argument Friday, I'm not so sure now if I will be excited to find out or not. But tomorrow I will find out for sure. I'm also new at charting BBT's, do you know anything about it? Also BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABY TO BE, please keep us posted on how you are doing and I will talk to you more later. Thanks for replying!!!!


Kerri - March 16

Smiley, The suspense is really killing us so have you heard anything or test yet? If so please let us know and still baby dust to you!!!!


tiffani - March 16

Thanks Kerri. I just read your previous post to Smiley and I can see both sides. I can understand why hubby didn't want to call the doctor, it's just kind of an uncomfortable situation for a man, especially having to list some possbile pregnancy symptoms (sore b___bs, discharge, Montgomerys Tubercles, see what I mean?). As far as what he said when he thought he hung up the phone, well, he's just plain busted. Honestly though, i've said equally wrong things when I knew my hubby wasn't listening, it's just my way of venting and not over reacting to him. Of course, i've always been careful enough not to get caught. He shouldn't have yelled at you though, but I think a strong defense (yelling) is what a lot of men do, unfortunately. As for the ttc, you should do it when you BOTH want it, not just one of you. If you're not ready for a baby, and you're not already pregnant, I would stop ttc. You might be a bit resentful if you do conceive, and thats not a happy place to be. I really wish I knew about BBT, but i'm completely clueless. All I know is that when your chart goes triphasic, it's a good thing. And the high temps are good too. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. How was the doctors appointment today? Hope you're having a great day. xxxxx :o)


Kerri - March 16

Hi Tiffani, I will be leaving for my appointment in about 20 min so I guess I will know for sure then. I told the hubby that I did understand after why it wasn't a good idea for him to call but he took a major fit when I came home for lunch that day and that's when things got ugly so I told him that he wasn't wrong just he could have politely told me when I first asked him that I think that it would be a good idea for you to call instead in case they had any questions to ask you that I can't answer and that would have been it. I agree that if I'm not preg then I will put it off for awhile as I probably would now feel resentful as you said. We've had problems off and on since we got married and one of the biggest things was he told me that he would act a certain way to avoid conflict like an actor almost. It just makes me wonder though what he really thinks of me sometimes. I thank you so much for your reply cause sometimes it just helps to have advice and other people just listen with out judging. I agree that he was just probably venting and yelling was a part of that but just the manner in which I overheard and then yelling at me when I got home for lunch was not called for. Anyhow now five minutes to go and I will try to hop on line tonight and if not for sure tomorrow morning to let you know what happened!! I'm now having a great day since your reply and much thanks again! Talk to you soon and hopefully Smiley will post to let us know too what's up with her!!


Kerri - March 16

Hi Tiffani, Well guess what happened with my appt? The ob gyn gave me a pap test? I'm so p__sed off right now its unbelievable and what a waste of time. I tried to tell this guy (since this is my first time going to him) what my temps and symptoms were and gave me a requisition to get a urine sample at a lab. So now I have to go back give a urine sample and go again for another appointment? Then two weeks ago I gave my regular doctor a urine sample and even wrote on the bottle that I wanted a pregnancy test and guess what they did, test it for a bladder infection now how stupid is that? So I'm back to right where I started from. I wonder if I'll ever find out if I am or not but I will be stopping ttc until after I see if I get another spotting/period session. My next a/f is either Tuesday if I go by the last time I had spotting or if I go by my reg 24 day cycle which didn't happen since I spotted early then Mar 28. But I will still keep you posted!!! Talk to you more tomorrow and I hope Smiley replies to let us know what's up with her!!! Take care!!


Kerri - March 17

Hi Tiffani, Yep still not sure and maybe I should just take a HPT test at home again as I will do one Mar 22 and Mar 28 since I'm not sure how to count from the last time I had the spotting. Also what does that mean when your chart is Triphasic how can you tell? All I can say is my temp keeps rising consistently and not sure if it means a/f is coming or preg? Take care and will post again soon!


Kerri - March 18

Bump to top for Tiffani, how are you doing?


Kerri - March 18

Tiffani, Smiley what is up with u guys? Any word yet????



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