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Danielle - May 9

I am having all the symptoms but I am also having a ton of sneezing does anybody know if that could have anything to do with pregnancy, probably a stupid question but I thought someone said something about sneezing and pregnancy one time. Anyway, just wondering. Thanx


sarah - May 9

Id like to no too, or maybe its a summer cold!!!


Becky - May 9

Make that three of us.


Jen - May 9

Make that four of us, but I was chopping it up to be hay fever.


Nica - May 9

Sneezing is in fact a symptom of pregnancy! I can't remember what exactly but something happens to the nasal pa__sages in pregnancy which causes this.


stacey - May 9

well, I have certainly doing alot of this lately, but since I didn't ovulate this cycle, I don't think it's pregnancy related- for me anyway!


sarah - May 9

ok im waiting for af to come on sat would that be to early?? and wat about you danielle becky and jen,


erica - May 9

To all of you Girls. Sneezing in the morning or feeling congested is a very good symptom. I started to have it about 4 dpo.


Jen - May 10

Mine could come any where from Thursday to Sunday. According to my last cycle it will come Thursday, but I think I ovulated maybe Sunday.


Danielle - May 10

I am trying to hold off, but I bought a first response early test, so I may test first thing in the morning. what do you guys think my af is not due until the 14th.


Kiki -- To Jen and Danielle - May 10

Hey Jen my af is due on May 12th too. My nose gets stuffy and I sneezes sometimes but I do have allergies. I don't think I am pregnant even though it was a very fertile time when we had s_x. I just feel like I af is coming. The only thing different I had was a white discharge on Sunday, never had that previously before af and I bought some breakfast today with my favorite but I didn't even want it afterwards. Well I will keep u all posted 2 more days. Danielle those test claim they can detect early pregnancy but if you do decide to take it, then take it early in the moring with your first urine. If it is negative just wait to c if u miss af.


Linda - May 10

Hi Danielle. I just saw the 'sneezing' t_tle and couldn't believe it. I've been feeling so dizzy etc. and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally took a HPT last night and it was pos. So IF I am actually pregnant, this msg is relevant to your question because I've been sneezing like nothing on earth for the last week. I don't ever have sneezy allergies. I'm off to buy some more tissues it's got that bad. The cat just had to look at me this morning... I'll ask dr today when I go for a test and see what she says!


erica - May 10

Danielle, Let us know what happens tomorrow morning. I will praye for you.


Linda - May 11

Re sneezing - the dr I saw said she'd never heard of it but I can tell you I have now because I've been doing it. So, who knows...



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