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michelle - May 15

Hello all. Well made an appt to go in to the clinic for the lab work. I go tomorrow at 430 central . still no af


nikki - May 15

good luck michelle. i hope may is your month or you can figure out what is going on. have you tested again? i hope that you are doing well. i am now 2 dpo, another 2ww here i come. lol.


michelle - May 15

nikki good luck on ttw. the last time i tested was last wed. so not recently. I figured that might as well just go in and have a blood test and they will be able to see the levels then.


nikki - May 15



michelle - May 15

i have no idea. I know we really only have left us, amy, kristin, emily, lacey, haven't heard from elisabeth or vicki in a long time.


AmyB - May 16

hello all! i have a doctors appt today to have my blood drawn...i am 16wks and 3 days so it is going really fast....i want an u/s cause they can usually tell the s_x doc said between 18 and 20 weeks so i am aso anxious! i can not wait to find out what she michelle let us know what the doc is so weird that your periods arent regular by any means...are you still taking clomid? nikki good luck...i hated the 2ww but maybe this is your month?


michelle - May 16

yes i am still on the clomid. it is only taken on cd 5-9 i did my second dose last month so can't figure out y i'm still not reg.


nikki - May 16

hello, amyb. nice to hear from you. it is going by so fast. i know that you are very excited. i hope this is my month too but i am not going to get my hopes up --as i was upset last month when i thought ., michelle, your appt. is today, right? amyb, are you feeling sick or anything.


michelle - May 16

yeah my appt is today. just hope this day goes fast. only 7 more hours of work. auughh.


Emily - May 16

amyb, hope you get your litel girl. I said I wanted a boy but I think I really deep down wanted another girl. I really thought it was a boy oo, but was wrong. I only have the one dd though so it isn't so bad. Dh may still have one chance for a girl left. We decieded to wait a little longer between though.....I heard that the more kids of one s_x you have, the less likely you are to have one of the oposite s_x. The changes with two of one s_x is so small for a third of the other. I hope you overcame the odds. I think I will not mention that little confusing stat to my dh, as he then may decide not to try agian.....oh well time will tell if we try again or not I suposse. Well gotta run. Hope eveyrone is well. Michelle good luck today and Nikki hoping this is your month. did you go a head and try the opk or anything this time>?


Lacey - May 16

Hi, sorry I have not posted in a long time. I read this one and the Baby Poops one all the time though, so I can keep up. I just never take the time to post myself. I and the baby are doing great. I am 23 weeks along. Time has just flown by. I had my U/S at 21 weeks. Every thing looked good and the baby look healthy. We decided not to find out the s_x. I have finally started to show. If I get time I will have to post a pic on the yahoo page. Let us know how your dr appointment goes Michelle. I hope the best for you. I will try to do better with posting. I do read them all the time though, so I can keep up with whats going on, lol.


michelle - May 16

Lacey that is wonderful that you and the baby are doing well. i still can't believe how long it has been already. thank you!


nikki - May 16

emily, thanks for asking. i did do the opk this month and i o'd on cd 11. we b'd cd 9 10 11 12. I hope this works. Good look to you.


michelle - May 17

Morning everyone! Well the results were what i thought. neg. And they didn't do a blood test it was urine. So I asked my ob if the clomid is suppose to help reg af. and she said not neccesarly. I was thinking to myself. well wtf? She said it is to help my ovaries try to release a mature egg. So i asked her how long i should wait if i still dont get af. she said about another week and then call her. So its just a waiting game. I just felt like crying last night cause i just wish it was normal. I didn't mind it was neg because that is what i was expecting. Maybe that cheri is right. she saw aug boy for me when she did my prediction so i guess we will just wait like the ob said. so I'm gonna not try and think about it and hopefully af shows soon.


Emily - May 17

Lacey glad that you and baby are doing good. Michelle keeps us posted on baby poops when you do drop by here. We are so busy getting ready for baby. Michelle so sorry about your doc appointment so frustrating. Nikki, I hope the opk help pinpoint o and you can hit it better. I hear somtimes it takes a couple of cycles and then you can really see a pattern. I hope it is soon for you. I am so tired. Haven't been sleeping much lately. I sleep better ont he couch than anywhere. also have funky dreams about college. I dreamt I had a cla__s at my old school and I was late, for whatever reason so I walked in an apolijized and my professor looked at me and said I am bleeding from my b___t. I am not really sure what thet ment. He wasn't really, he was using fake blood to talk about some dieses to us, but it was really wierd. well gotta run, hoppe everyone is doing well


AmyB - May 18

michelle i am so sorry...hang in there i guess it will happen when it is meant too right! nikki i wish you luck! i am so frustrated my doc said he would do an u/s about 18 weeks or so well i am 16wks 5 days so i was counting down so b/c i am so excited to know what this baby is...i see clothes and things and i am not buying anything at all b/c i dont know and if it is a girl everything is PINK...out with the so i went to my appt yesterday for the triple screen blood draw and he said well everything is fine so we will schedule your u/s for 21 weeks...I WAS LIKE WHAT...i dont want to wait that long...i mean it is only another 4 weeks but still :( oh well maybe it will be worth waiting for! maybe it will be a girl! the heartrate has been 154 149 and 144... my boys were always in the 160-70's so i am hoping~!! anyhow so another month i will know...i have only gained 1 lb but i am starting to poke out..i think i am really big but i guess since i have already had 2???? anyhow i will try and post pics soon bye now!


michelle - May 18

amy thanks and that bites about your u/s. i haven't been on today as came home early this morning from work as under the weather. i said i'm not going to be sick for my sis's wedding. well still feel like c___p so who knows. oh an af just came a little bit ago.



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