So Confused Maybe Pregnant

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BMBHONEE - August 7

Okay, So Im really really not sure, but this is the deal. I was on my period on July 8th... that was the day I started.. and then I got off on like the 12th or something like that, but then I missed a pill in my birth control.. and I started AGAIN... and then was off once I took my pills.. and then on the 21st I had to go to the doc b/c I was sick and he told me to stop my BC because I was on antibiotics so I did, and I started that week for like 2 days.... and now I haven't started this month yet and I duno if Im supposed to start from the day I had my actual period or Im gonna start from the time that I missed my pill or what!? All I know is It has been a month since my actual period.. and My tummy has been hurting LOTS! but I dunno if thats just b/c Im paranoid or what it could be! IM SO CONFUSED... could I be pregnant, or am I just going to start my period later because my cycle got messed up?!?!?!


Grandpa Viv - August 7

Most likely your crazy bc pill routine has upset your system. The nurse at the doc's office will tell you what is recommended, but my guess is that she will tell you to go with a Sunday start on Aug 10th. Take a cheap Dollar Store preg test that morning first pee just to be sure of your status. Good luck!


kimberly - August 8

Yeah, could be either way. If you didn't use a back up form of bc while not taking the pill, there is a good chance the pill could fail. But, then again taking the pill sporadically like that could mess things up a bit. Take a test to be sure.


BMBHONEE - August 9

well I took a test a few days ago.. came out negative, but still haven't started yet... sooo I'll have to wait and see...


BMBHONEE - August 11

well I took another test... negative... and If I calculated correctly I should start my period sometime this week if it goes off the last time I started for that one day... but we will see.. Im going to retest if I haven't started in the next 3 days..



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