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sooo soo confused - August 27

plz bare with me this might be a lil long. ok first off me and hubby ttc for 6months. i have regular periods always on time usual major cramps that im crying (got it checked out its ok) and very dark heavy bleeding and last for 5 days. well this month i was a day early and the day b4 dat my temps dropped from 98.5 to 98.0. then stay the same raised bout1/10 a degrees the i started bleeding (the 23rd) ti was light bleeding and it was a pale pink and then towards the end of the day it was brown.oh yeah and i had cramps but not that bad jsut annoying the next day (24)my temp raised to 98.16 i spotted this day and it was mainly brown no cramps just tired really tired but in a good mood. on the 25ths my 3rd day my temp raised to 98.3 i spotted only when i wiped and it was a pinkish brownish no cramping, except this day i was really tired and nauseas. i had this long goopy kind of like eggwhite texture drip out of me except it was a pale red (sry 4 gross detail). then no spotting. today the 26 my temp raised to 99.04 i spotted a very light brown after me and hubby has s_x then i got the brown spotting once when i wiped then nothing no cramping but still tired and nauseas. i checked my cervix through these days high and soft. and the last 2days my br___t and nipples been kinda sore. i shouldnt be tired ive been taking naps and going to bed on time round 11pm when hubby does. i thought i wasnt pregnant but now i think i am. what do you think. sorry if any of what i wrote was confusing but please give me some insite and what u think. i dont want to tell anyone i think im pregnant and im not. u kow. im going to take a hpt test in a few days if everything still feels off. i just feel like i could be pregnant. i was pregnant before a yr ago but lost that pregnancy. im not too sure whats going on. please help. sorry so long just wanted to let u all know everything that could help. ~*~baby dust~*~ to all thank you for your time.



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