So Confused With Symptoms Dying For Baby

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motherof20 - March 16

Was on BC for many years. Got married in Oct. and have been TTC since. Got my period 11/26; 12/26; 1/30; 2/26 - 2/26 was 2 days and very light The past 3 weeks I have been lighthead; very gasy; cramping; nausous but in the evening; feel achy all over - bloat; took a test 3/9 and it was -neg. but the symptoms aren't going away - period not due until at least the 26th. Do I have to wait until the end of the month for a test - I'm thinking the way I'm feeling I've been preg. for a few weeks. ANYBODY?????


chriss - March 16

to motherof20 - are you sure that your last period was a period and not implantation bleeding?? the signs that you've described can be pg symptoms and the HPT doesn't always work for some women. You should go to your Dr. and have them do a blood test. Good luck!!!


Dawn - March 16

Hey!! I'm 9 DPO and feeling like you...was nausous at night almost every day and today was the first day I was nausous in the morning. I have all the cla__sic signs, too, and my temp steadily high, too. I'm not due for AF until 2/21 and I took a test today and it was a BFN. I'd wait another good few days before you test. Good luck!!!!


Leah - March 16

Maybe you could try another test, its really rare that they get it wrong but it can still happen right?


motherof20 - March 16

Hi Chriss I thought it could be implantation bleeding because I literaly only needed a tampon in 1 day - that was Saturday and any bleeding was gone Monday. But if it was implanation would 3/9 have been too early for a test? Had to take 2 tests 1st didn't come back with any signs (no neg no pos) 2nd one immediately after was neg. I feel different that's the thing. Should I wait and see what happens with period in March if I get it at all or should I go for a blood test asap?


motherof20 - March 16

Hi Leah, thanks for responding. I don't put a lot of weight in the tests. Motherof20 stands for mother of a 20 year old - soon to be 21. I was very very young - those tests came back negative - I'm still laughing almost 21 years later because they were wrong. Maybe I'll go and buy a different brand. The one I used was EPT. Anyone have advice on a HPT?


ruby - March 16

motherof20--all your tests with your son came out negative? i'm trying to hang onto some hope. i haven't had AF for 52 days now. all HPT's have been BFN's (the last one i tried was on Sunday evening.)


motherof20 - March 16

Hey Ruby, Yes, the pregnancy tests I took years ago were negative and now I have a 20 year old son. I'm sure they've improved the tests since then but it did say 99% accurate. I wish you all the luck. Have you gone to the doctor for a blood test? Are you pretty regular with AF? I hope it's good news for you. Baby dust to you.


ruby - March 16

thanks for the dust :) i'll take all i can get. i actually made an appt with dr, but not until mar. 29th!!! aagghhh. i have never been regular, but since getting off of BC last july, i had 36, 44, and 36 day cycles (i had very early m/c on dec. 20th) but since then i had a normal period (about 35days). but now this 52 day thing has got me wondering...hhhmmm. i have my fingers crossed. any advice?


layla - March 16

From what I hear the tests still aren't all that great. I''m experiencing alot of the same symptoms as you motherof20. I took several tests this past week all neg. I've been prego before and know what it feels like.


kat - March 16

i wsa just wondering how you found out you were pregnant when you tested neg,i think i am pregnant with neg results.


motherof20 - March 16

Ruby - are you taking any prenatal vitamins? That's a start if you think you are prego. Keep us posted. As for finding out after negative results - sad to say, because of my age I took the test for what it was negative. I had no other symptoms and didn't gain much weight. It's a very long story but called the doctor - she asked me if I had discharge - I said yes, she said AF must be coming. This went on for 5 consecutive months and AF never appeared. I figured there was something wrong. Drs. appt. finally confirmed. My symptoms now just don't seem PMS to me - the other night my stomach felt like it was on fire (felt like a sunburn) it was the strangest thing - I feel like there is tugging at my belly - not to mention the symptoms I noted above. I'm just thinking maybe I'll see what happens come 3/26 when AF should arrive. If it doesn't I'll go in for a blood test rather than try another HPT. What do you girls think?


ruby - March 16

so the dr said if you had discharge, then AF should be coming soon? ha, i thought you should expect AF when you are dry? i am still having creamy CM and no signs (cramps) of AF coming. i have been sleepy lately (i was even yawning during a kickboxing cla__s last week!)


ruby - March 16

oh, and yes, i have been taking prenatals everyday religiously since last may :) just in case. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!!


b - March 16



Hopeful - March 16

Motherof20 - Keep us posted. I'm confused and hopeful. My last periods we 11/25; 12/31 and Feb 3; I'm now on day 42 of a cycle, and haven't had a period. I took a preg test and came back neg. I feel bloated & tired, and had a few days of lower cramps. Could the test realistically be wrong?


ruby - March 16

i'm right there with you hopeful, day 52 for me and my last -HPT was sunday evening. baby dust to us.



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