So I Should Ve Started My Period

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Kristen - December 3

So, I should've started my period today and I have no signs of starting it at all. I have had quite a few symptoms of pregnancy like - Nausea, fatigue, sore br___ts, dizziness, and discharge. I've tested twice but both times came up negative. Im wondering, how long should I wait before I test again? Thanks!


LNelson - December 3

Hey, I would say ... wait a week or two. Your period could be delayed due to stress ... or due to a pregnancy! The negatives arent good news really ... but like i said ... wait a few weeks ... and still if no period ... then take another test. I took like 3 and got negatives ... and then a couple weeks later a got a BFP... took another and had another BFP ... then went to family planning and got a BFP and got it confirmed. So, Good luck ... and remember to be patient! When the time is right ... you will have a baby!


Kristen - December 3

Yeah, I didnt think the negatives were too good of a sign but neither one was first pee and the 1st test was 2 1/2 weeks before my period and the 2nd was like 5 days before. Ive also had some cramping, which also can be pms, and Ive noticed veins in my chest. I dont know, I guess I should wait like you said. Thank you!


Grandpa Viv - December 4

Why would you test 2 1/2 weeks before your period. At that stage you have not even ovulated yet. If you want you can test tomorrow after holding your water for 3 hours or more, but the best bet is to wait until Dec 10 first pee in the morning. Your signs are good.!


LNelson - December 4

Hey, Grandpa Viv is right. It was way to late to take a pg test b4 your period. You should wait until after you missed one. Wait for a week or so ... and if you are ... then you should get a BFP sometime soon! You just gotta keep testing! If it comes up negative ... look at the bright side ... More s_x! And we ladies know how much men like it. So either way you cant complain. And i know that it WILL be stressful with a neg. But keep holding onto hope and faith and sooner or later ... You will have your baby



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