So It Turns Out I Actually Did Ovulate Around Cd 5

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LIN - January 29

At the beginning of the month, I blew off my increase in temps as being just one common side effect of Clomid. I increased my dose this last month to 100 mg, since I only had one follicle the previous month (which I can do on my own!). I started doing opks on cd 7, since I knew if I did them earlier, the Clomid would give me false positives. There was also no sense in doing them earlier, since the previous two months had already shown me that Clomid makes me ovulate much *later* than usual. Well, I never got a + opk and finally went in on cd 17 to discover that I had no follicles bigger than 9 mm. I was so devastated that the Clomid actually seemed to *prevent* me from ovulating. Well, lo and behold, yesterday af arrived - *exactly* when I would expect her according to my temp rise at the beginning of the month. So I actually DID ovulate last month, and it was sometime between cd 4 and cd 6! Aargh! Anyway, I'm happy to be moving on to injectables this month. I take my first shot tomorrow!


VenusdiMilo - January 29

Aint that a B$tch!! Well, it's good to see you're doing ok.


turtle - January 29

Lin, I too am moving to injectables this month. In a week or so...I am the same age as you, I believe it this and would love to know what your taking. I know that I will be on progest. supps. and an HCG shot with IUI but not sure on my injests. yet. Please let me know how it's going for you and what you experience, if you don't mind. Thanks and best of luck to you! By the way...I agree with you...the problems getting pregnant board moves too slow and it seems the ladies don't have a lot of info. I hope we can help eachother through this and be successful with it. I am so excited cause so many of my friends have have children and twins with injectables. Baby dust to you!!!!


turtle - January 29

Sorry for the mistakes. Long day at work!


frozenfeet - January 29

HI Lin - so sorry to hear about all of this confusion! Forgive my ignorance but I wondering what you are meaning by injectables? Are you going to be staying on that same uped dosage of Clomid or going back to what you were at? Either way, I hope that you have much better luck with this next cycle!!!


stefkay - January 29

Hi Lin, I'm sorry to hear about the early, that is REALLY early! Sorry to b___t in, but I'm wondering if you might be able to answer some questions I have...I don't see my obgyn (who I found out is a fertility specialist which is a plus) again until the end of Feb. and I really don't want to call and bug her right now with stupid questions...anyways, I just had my 4th consecutive m/c with no live births so far and they have done a bunch of testing with the results coming back ok/normal. I think (hope) my dr. will do further testing, most of which can't be done until certain times in the cycle. My bf will be tested as a last resort. She mentioned doing an FSH test and I'm not sure what that means, but it seems from what i've read that it it will tell me if I have "bad eggs" or not (excuse the medical I've heard clomid can help the quality of eggs and I know you had been taking it. Yet, I also read that it may make the situation worse (whatever the situation is..aaaghh) I don't really want to go there, but I am jumping the gun on this right now because I'd like to have more info/understanding before I actually go in to see the dr. I'm emotionally drained of this whole thing and people keep saying "oh, you're young..." (I'm 31), but I don't feel like it and I just am desperately wanting some answers...Thanks for any info, as it's greatly appreciated!


Megs - January 29

Well, glad to know you DID in fact O! :-) That's exciting... Sorry you completely missed this cycle though. Good luck on injectables! Hope this does the trick for ya. :-) Keep us updated!!!!!!


LIN - January 29

Thanks ladies for all the kind words! Turtle! I replied to one of your posts a couple days ago when you mentioned injectables. You should post on the other thread I started today ("Anyone doing injectables?"), and we should try to keep that going specifically for discussing injectables. I'll be taking Follistim followed by an Ovidrel trigger, and I'll start tomorrow night. I'm actually really excited about it! Frozenfeet - By injectables, I mean a different medication than Clomid that will help produce more follicles and that I will give to myself via daily injections. Clomid tricks your body into producing more FSH, while Follistim *is* FSH and so most women respond much better to it. The injectables are more potent, and so Clomid is fortunately a thing of the past for me. Stefkay - I don't really know all that much about miscarriages, since I haven't had a single bfp in my ttc journey. Has your doc monitored your progesterone level? I know that some women who've had multiple miscarriages are given progesterone supplements after ovulation. I wish I could tell you something more, but I'm just not really knowledgeable on that subject. I definitely recommend seeing an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) rather than a regular obgyn. After that many miscarriages, you really should see a specialist.


dizoney - January 29

HI Lin, I was on here about to post a question about very early ovulation. I, too was on Clomid, CD1-5, 150 mg. I have symptoms of ovulation- cramping, watery cm, high s_x drive. But I am on CD 7. I could swear by my signs that I am ovulating but never have I heard of this. I was wondering what mg you were on and what cycle? I have yet to get a +OPK on Clomid, this is cycle 3 for me. I am new to the fertility friend thing but in case you have some feedback my ID is home/Danielle1980. Thanks.


LIN - January 30

After looking at your chart, the only thing I can say is - holy c___p, those are the highest follicular phase temps I've ever seen! Are you absolutely positive you're not pregnant? I notice you had one positive test last cycle. Didn't you ever get a blood test to follow up on that? If not, then maybe you should. If you are definitely not pregnant, then you should certainly be tested for hyperthyroidism, because high temps can be indicative of it. Were you monitored at all last cycle (u/s or b/w)? How long were your previous cycles? Have you triggered any of your Clomid cycles? Sorry for so many questions! To answer yours, my last cycle was my 3rd cycle on Clomid and my first at 100 mg. I normally ovulate on my own and was only taking it to increase the number of eggs (and hence our odds) due to male factor issues. I took it all three cycles cd 3-7.


dizoney - January 30

LOL Lin... I am not monitored by my doctor and am in the process of finding a new one because even with 3 laporoscopies for cysts, she has not once ordered an u/s or bloodwork. With that said, I should also tell you that I get about 5 hoursof broken sleep during the day cause I work the nightshift and have a 2 year old at home all day. So I do the best I can with temping. I have never felt as hot as I do with Clomid but still, I was tested for hyperthyroidism last year. I'm ok. My cycles over the past year have been about 70-80 days in length. Last month I had a 48 day cycle to my surprise. I never had a +OPK though. The BFP from last month was so light that only me and God could see it. The subsequent tests were all negative followed by a 3 day period. So I am willing to bet I am not preggo. Also haven't had many symptoms other than being tired, which I think is also from the Clomid. I have never triggered any cycle to date, but once I have a new doctor I will strongly request it... as well as the bloodwork and u/s. My husbanc just got a new job so we are waiting on the insurance paperwork to arrive so we can choose doctors. How long have you been TTC?


stefkay - January 30

Hi Lin, thanks for your response. Yeah, the dr. put me on progesterone right after I found out this time, but she is a new dr. for me and hadn't had a chance to do luteal phase testing. She said the progesterone doesn't help much unless started earlier (right after O I guess) and I think it is something else really. I just wondered about the clomid, but I'm sure she'll go over all that with me when I see her next. I'm worried there may be an egg issue, or possibly chromosomal problems with my partner and I, which if that is the case is a whole different can of worms :-) Good luck to you and I hope the injectables make the difference!!!


snickelfritz - January 30

GL with the injectables! I hope they're just what you need.



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