So Lost Please Help Granpa Viv Anyone

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melissa - March 9

my period has always been very regulated i mean i could probably tell you down to the exact hour it would start. i have it on the 8th of every month. last month my bf of 2 years dumped me for someone else and i got so stressed that my period ended 3 days early. he got back together with me about 5 days later turns out he didnt like her or whatever. well i couldnt have been happier with my relationship since then. well i can honestly tell you i have never had so much s_x in my life i know way too much info but he would c_m inside me twice everytime we had s_x which sometimes was like 2-3 times a day. well i was expecting my period yesterday and NOTHING i have never ever been late for a period i have been early but never late. i havent gotten in today yet either and i know the day is still young but my bf really wanted a baby do you think his wish could have come true. the symptoms have been. slight headaches, my lower back has been hurting, i have been breaking out on my back,shoulders,and chest now and i have never had acne there before. i was getting sick in the morning for awhile but it stopped. sometimes i get a little dizzy but it goes away. what are some other syptoms of pregnancy? does it kinda of feel like your going to get AF and she never shows up? and do you think my bf upped his anty but doing that twice everytime? please help i dont know who to turn to. i've never been pregnant.


Erika - March 9

Earlier in my pregnancy I would get feelings like AF was about to start and nothing appeared. Cramps during pregnancy are normal as long as you don't have bleeding.


melissa - March 9

sorry i forgot something i have been sleeping constantly. i mean i can go on like 8 hours of sleep a night and then still fall asleep for like another 3 -4 during the day whats wrong with me?


to Melissa - March 9

Take a test. I got a pos. the very day I missed my af w/ the sensitive test.You said your Boyfriend wants a baby...but do you? BIG, BIG responsibility even for us "old , married" folks! Best of luck!


melissa - March 9

thank you both, and yes i do want a baby very much so sorry i didnt seem so convinceing up there im just confused. im 26 and he's 28 going on 29 so he wants one before he reaches his 30's. we both have really good jobs so im not worried about the money. but thank you for the concern


Grandpa Viv - March 9

Unusual fatigue, low backache, acne, dizzy, wet down there feels like AF is coming are all early signs. Others include ga__sy, peeing more and nipple or b___st changes. You could take a First Response Early Result home test first pee in the morning, but you would be better off waiting until Saturday morning. Good luck to you. If you are pg. make sure that man knows it is half his. Keep him involved with doctor visits, ma__sages, LaMaze and parenting cla__ses and delivery room.


Rachele - March 9

Hi I am also 26 I had my last period around the end of january to early feb. Had s_x but he pulled out before ejaculation. I have been under stress due to a death in my family. I am not sure but I think that has something to do with my period being late. I have no other preg symptoms.


not posible - March 9

how can you have you AF on the 8th of every month?? its imposible as there are some months 30 days and some 31 and feb.being only 28...not possible


To Melissa - March 9

First off,I hope you know I wasn't picking. Must be the mom in me : ) You sound like you 2 are stable and able!!! Now get out there and take that test. I have a feeling that you are preggers!


melissa - March 9

to the person who wrote not possible trust me it is very possible. it doesnt matter how many days were in a month i have had my period on the 8th since last january. i asked the doctors about it and all they said was i had a very regulated period and nothing to worry about.



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