So Many Questions So Few Answers

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Amanda - March 2

Hey there girls!! The best of luck to the both of you! I just stumbled on this site, and there a few things I need help with. First off, I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year and half ago, we have had one m/c, and two false positives. My last cycle was the end of Jan. (I had two in Jan.) The 2nd cycle started about two days after I noticed a pinkish color when I peed. Some cramping last month but nothing. I have been so tired the past three weeks that I cant make it through the day without taking a nap, really bad back pain, and last night I got some h__la heartburn. I have taken 2 hpt, and both were negative. **Baby dust all around!!**


cc - March 2

I also sprout cysts - increaisng in number since I went off the pill - they say that is one cause of it, however it is not "supposed" to interfer with TTC - we will see - this is my second month off the pill, I have until the 13th before AF is late


Kristina - March 2

Lee - this is your seconf month off the pill? Just wondering how long your cycles have been? Mine have been 39 days :(


moe - March 2

heartburn was one of my big syptoms!!! and the tiredness!!!! You have alot of good syptoms but I was over 2 wks late and the tests were still neg and finally i got a post, just be patient and that was last yr when i found out that i was preg. My baby is now 6mo and i also have a 4yr old.. but good luck to ya keep us posted


QT - March 2

i am due for my period on monday and my husband and i have been trying to conceive. I know it's too early to take a test but i feel a lot of symptoms such as cramping(different from menstrual), nausea, frequent urination, b___st tenderness. Is it too early to be having symptoms?? We would have conceived one 1/2 weeks ago. Please help me!


bump - March 2



Audrey - March 2

QT- Pregnancy symptoms can start as soon as a few days after implantation. From what you describe it sounds like you are pregnant. Best wishes!


bump - March 2



LA - March 3

QT my AF is due on Sunday March 6, and we have been TTC for 6 months. I always end up taking the PG test early (2 days) I can't wait. I know I am ovulating I use the ovulation test strips and they have worked for me to show that I am ovulating, but I am still not PG. It gets depressing after a while this time around I am waiting! I am getting the feeling that after so long of trying I am getting PG symptoms in my head. I feel I am PG, but I am trying not to get my hopes up. I wish everyone that is TTC would get PG. I pray for a positve test every time. I hope everyone here does get PG. QT just wait that way you will be surpried when it says you are PG and you will get PG so don't let it get you down! Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what more I can do to get PG


Hanna - March 3

I hope everyone will get pg soon too. La, I know the feeling. I have decided to stop testing early too. I wonder if the symptoms are in my head as well.. I do think that this time I feel different.. but to be honest.. I thought I felt 'funny' last month too.. I have only been ttc for four months, but am so hoping!! LA, do you also do the bd before o? Maybe that will help?? Wishing you all luck, ladies!


Kylie - March 3

Hi guys, well i am 8 weeks preg and only came off the pill 1 to 2 months before or i can say is what helped me was not thinking about it, everyone said the more you think about it the more your body was not as it should be (disapointment, stress) it is no good for your body. So keep your chin up and maybe put your mind to something else i know its hard i've did it but all the best and good luck



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